If you are descended from a Peter Hegarty (Hagarty), who was born in County Cork, Ireland, in the 1820s and who emigrated to Virginia, possibly Amelia County, in the 1840s, I would be very interested in talking to you. I am publishing a book this spring on the Hegarty family (he had five brothers and two sisters, most of whom settled in Canada), their origins in Ireland (I have found their farm and house they lived in) and the lives the eight children carved out in North America. Peter’s younger brother Michael joined him in Virginia and spent his life there, dying in an accident at Richmond in 1879. I have next to no information about Peter and I really want to include him in this book. He may have married a Foley, but I don’t know. If you can help, please e-mail me. If not, thanks for your time and sorry for the intrusion. P.S. If you’re descended from any of Peter’s brothers, Michael, Cornelius, Timothy, John or Daniel, or sisters Ellen and Bridget, I’d also be happy to hear from you. Thanks again, Jim Hagarty.
Jan 29, 1999 - 16:17 - From: - Jim Hagarty