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CLAY, GRAVES - Rhoda Clay married a Bartlett Bachelor Graves in the 1780s in Amelia County. Rhoda was the daughter of Thomas Clay and Anna Powell and was a distant cousin of Henry Clay the orator. She was also a descendent of the famous Clay line through the Jamestown area. Bartlett Bachelor Graves is a descendent of Capt. Thomas Graves of Jamestown history too, although I do not have the generation by generation break down. Any info on these families would be appreciated. Jan 2, 1999 - 12:22 - From: - Brian McLaughlin

West/Maddox - According to the 1870 prince Edward County census there was a Alexander West of amelia who would be my ggrandfather/ggrandmother Mathilda Maddox West. Any help would be appreciated Jan 2, 1999 - 20:05 - From: - rosemary E. Matthews

WEST, MADDOX - According to the 1870 prince Edward County census there was a Alexander West of amelia who would be my ggrandfather/ggrandmother Mathilda Maddox West. Any help would be appreciated Jan 2, 1999 - 20:06 - From: - rosemary E. Matthews

WEST - West Alexander and Mathilda Maddox lived in county abt 1870 had children John, Mathilda, Elizabeth, Alexander, Fannie Jan 4, 1999 - 19:49 - From: - Rosemary E. Matthews

HOLMAN - Seeking Holmans who resettled from Sunny Side, related to James or Mary Holman Jan 7, 1999 - 19:01 - From: - Rosemary e. Matthews

CALLICOTE, BOTTOMS - I am looking for any information on the Callicote family, probably of Amelia County. Clary Callicote, daughter of James Callicote, married Miles Bottoms, my GGGGG Grandfater, Oct 24,1780 in Amerlia Co. Va. Her sister Elizabeth married Miles brother, James Armstead Bottoms. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jan 8, 1999 - 19:55 - From: - Billy R. Franklin

CLARKE, RICHARDSON, HARDAMON. - Seeking any relations to Amelia County's first justices--JAMES CLARKE and his brother RICHARD CLARKE. JAMES CLARKE died about 1746 and may have been married to Henrietta &/or a HARDAMON / HARDIMAN. James known children: Judith Clarke and Francis Hardamon Clarke. Richard Clarke d c. 1750 and had: JAMES Clark (no e) and Hannah Clarke. James and Richard Clarke had a sister: ELIZABETH CLARKE RICHARDSON of New Kent County, VA, alive in 1745 and her known children: James Richardson and Ann Richardson. James and Richard Clarke and Elizabeth Clarke had a brother: ROBERT CLARKE, dec'd by 1748, of Gloucester County, VA and his known children: Elizabeth Clarke and James Clarke. Is anyone familiar with these Clarke's? KDorneman 1-8-1999. Jan 8, 1999 - 21:30 - From: - Kay Dorneman

WEST - Rev John West who preached or pastored a chuch in Morven sometime abt 1890. WWWould like to know name and denomination of church Jan 9, 1999 - 09:19 - From: - rosemary E. Matthews

QUICK , WRIGHT - QUICK, Massie Alma-born 4 Jul 1823 in Amelia, Virginia. She married Jesse WRIGHT on 9 Nov 1843 in Amelia. Any information greatly appreciated. Jan 9, 1999 - 19:25 - From: - Pam Klein

TOTTY - I would like to correspond with any descendants of Edward TOTTY who is listed in the 1820 census of Amelia County. He moved on to Hickman County Tennessee by 1830 and died there after 1840. He had two sons Edward O. and James A. who were born in VA in 1808 and 1815. I have been researching the TOTTY name for 20+ years and will be glad to exchange information with any interested parties. Jan 10, 1999 - 12:55 - From: - Johnnye Totty

BOOKER, CHEATHAM - Mary Booker, married circa 1769 to Leonard Cheatham of Amelia County, does anyone know who her parents/family were? Jan 10, 1999 - 13:19 - From: - Truman Adkins

WEST - Am researching West Family. In particular, am interested in ancestors of Susannah West who married William Pace ca 1750. Susannah's father is thought to have been: John West of Cedar Creek, Amelia County, VA. Jan 13, 1999 - 11:03 - From: - Anne Vestal-Miller

SCRUGGS - Looking for info William M. Scruggs of Amelia County. Married Mary Andersen and had 12 children. Oldest was Chester B. Scruggs born 1/10/1871, youngest was Nannie Emmafield Scruggs born June 17, 1892. Jan 15, 1999 - 01:42 - From: - Paul David

WRIGHT - WRIGHT, James M. b. 1803 Amelia Co. Would like to know if he is s/o Richard and Nancy Wright who removed to Louisa Co., VA. Jan 15, 1999 - 15:09 - From: - Mary A. Reed

SMITHEY, MEADOR - Looking for siblings/parents of Joshua Jr. Smithey (b. Sep 15, 1747, Amelia Co, Va) and Leanah C. Meador (b. Jan 28, 1750/51). They were married Sep 16, 1771 in Amelia Co Va. Had 5 children; Thomas, Robert L, Clarisy Clarissa, John Marion and Lewis. Joshua Sr. came from Scotland in 1746 but do not know the names of his wife or other children. Jan 18, 1999 - 10:42 - From: - Paul W. Smithey

HENDRICK - Interested in Benjamin Hendrick who died in Amelia County, ca. 1782. Is there a will recorded? Who were his children and is Benjamin's parents known? Thank you for you help. Jan 18, 1999 - 23:13 - From: - Gary Lee Hall

GOOCH - I am looking for any information on the Gooch family that settled in Amelia County in the 1760s from Caroline County, Virginia. Many of these families settled in Granville or Person Counties in NC. I have a great deal of information and I am looking for descendants that might be able to fill in the gaps. Especially interested in information on William Gooch who married Henrietta Maria IRBY. Jan 25, 1999 - 17:56 - From: - J. Daniel Mahar mahard@jps.ent

DUDLEY, LEA, JETER, SNEED - I am looking for any information on the Dudley family that settled in Amelia County in the 1760s from Caroline County, Virginia. The patriarch of this family is Thomas Dudley. His daughters married into the Jeter, Sneed, and Lea family. I am especially interested in informtion on the Andrew Lea family that married into the Dudley family. Jan 25, 1999 - 17:58 - From: - J. Daniel Mahar mahard@jps.ent

VENABLE - Looking for a Jacob Venable born 1808-1812. He married a Lucy Robertson in Amelia County on 24 Sept 1833. They had a son William in 1835 who is listed as being born in Missouri. Jacob remarried in 1846 in Chariton County, Missouri to Dosha A. Harding. Any information on these people would be appreciated. Thanks Jan 26, 1999 - 10:05 - From: - S. Ramsay

EASTIN, PULLIN, JOHNSON, WALKER, WATKINS, TRABUE - Researching family names of Eastin, Pullin, Johnson, Walker, Watkins, Trabue. Can you help? Thanks! Shirley Jan 26, 1999 - 15:05 - From: - Shirley

BROCK, ESTES - Seeking information about Barbara Brock, daughter of Robert Brock. Barbara was married to Abraham Estes of K&Q County and after his death in 1720, the report is that he left his estate to her and that her will was probated in Amelia in Nov 1769. Any information to confirm this will be greatly appreciated and if there is more information on them either ancestors or descendants, I will gladly share whatever I have. Most of that is Estes related. Jan 27, 1999 - 11:51 - From: - Rev. Hilton C. Estes HCEGAAL@MSN.COM

HEGARTY - If you are descended from a Peter Hegarty (Hagarty), who was born in County Cork, Ireland, in the 1820s and who emigrated to Virginia, possibly Amelia County, in the 1840s, I would be very interested in talking to you. I am publishing a book this spring on the Hegarty family (he had five brothers and two sisters, most of whom settled in Canada), their origins in Ireland (I have found their farm and house they lived in) and the lives the eight children carved out in North America. Peter’s younger brother Michael joined him in Virginia and spent his life there, dying in an accident at Richmond in 1879. I have next to no information about Peter and I really want to include him in this book. He may have married a Foley, but I don’t know. If you can help, please e-mail me. If not, thanks for your time and sorry for the intrusion. P.S. If you’re descended from any of Peter’s brothers, Michael, Cornelius, Timothy, John or Daniel, or sisters Ellen and Bridget, I’d also be happy to hear from you. Thanks again, Jim Hagarty Jan 29, 1999 - 16:17 - From: - Jim Hagarty

ESTES, BROCK - Researching ESTES and Brock. Barbara Brock, wife of Abraham Estes was the daughter of John Brock, probably of Scotland. Information I have is relative to Abraham's will: Abraham Estes left his estate to his wife Barbara. Names of children listed in will left by Barbara and proved in Amelia County, Nov 1769. The children listed are: Elisha, Sussana Poore, Moses, Barbara, Sylvistas, Thomas, Robert, Richard and John, Mary Watkins and Sarah. Not mentioned are Abraham, Jr. and Samuel Estes, also believed to be children of Abraham Estes. (Amelia File Box 1784-5 which was in Virginia State Library). Estes Trails, August 1981, page 1. Any information about any of these will be appreciated. I will also share. Jan 30, 1999 - 13:08 - From: - Rev. Hilton C. Estes HCEGAAL@MSN.COM

DEARIEN, DEAREN - I have Richard Dearen who first paid taxes in Amelia Co., VA in ca. 1745.j His sons John and William were probably born her. William's son William is also my ancestor. William, Jr.'s son August M. is my ancestor. Have you any knowledge on this family? Jan 30, 1999 - 19:31 - From: - Pat White

SEAY - any new knowledge of Mathew Seay, Immigrant from Ireland or England or???circa 1683? Thanks, Stephen Edward Seay Jan 31, 1999 - 01:19 - From: - Stephen Edward Seay

JOHNSON - Searching for any info on Sylvanus Johnson Amelia Co mid to later 1700's. Land patent is dated 1748. Moved to NC late 1700. May have been son of Henry Johnson. Any help would be greatfully appreciated. Feb 1, 1999 - 22:24 - From: - Rebecca Arrington

DEATON - I am looking for MORE information on my Deaton lineage. Thomas DEATON came into Amelia CO. in the early 1700's. I would like to know if there is more about he, his wife (Mary GIBBS) and his children ESPECIALLY LEVI DEATON who owned the Deaton ORdinary in Deatonsville. Levi died there in 1799 and eventually his wife (Martha ____?____) and most of the children moved to BOTETOURT Co by the 1810 census. ANY MORE INFORMATION! Thanks, Karen DEATON Brown in Waco, Tx. Feb 5, 1999 - 16:15 - From: - Karen DEATON Brown or

HARRISON, REDDIN, REDDEN - Searching for information on Jams HARRISON and Winnie REDDIN (or REDDEN) who were reportedly married in Amelia County, around 1758. James was born as early as 1735, probably in Virgina, and was said to be related to the Presidents William Henry and Benjamin HARRISON. James served in the Revolutionary War from North Carolina. He died in Kentucky around 1806. Winnie REDDIN was born in Wales around 1737, and died in 1847 in Overton County, TN. Linda DOTY WALKER email: Feb 7, 1999 - 19:32 - From: - Linda Doty Walker

SLADEN - I am looking for information about Sarah Sladen who married in Amelia in 1786. Regards Phyllis Feb 8, 1999 - 12:36 - From: - Phyllsi Waddell

CLAY - Elizabeth CLAY m Joshua Morgan c1757. They probably lived in Mecklenburg co where her father, Charles Clay, deeded property to them. Elizabeth and Joshua had sons Samuel b 1794, Carey, Rolly, and 2 daughters. Does anyone know when Elizabeth was born, or anything else about this family??? Or the MORGAN family? Harriet Feb 9, 1999 - 13:18 - From: - Harriet

RUSSELL - Am researching the surname RUSSELL. Am particularily interested in Samuel, Philemon, William or possibly Ephraim. The years would be early 1700's Any information would be greatly appreciated. Sue Russell Philipak Feb 13, 1999 - 17:45 - From: - Sue Russell Philipak

MITCHELL, WHITTEN, JOHNSON - MITCHELL WILLIAM b: abt. 1807 VA. married Amelia Co. VA SALLY RICE who are their parents?????? Feb 14, 1999 - 09:57 - From: - Faye Rouse

CLEMENT - Searching for parents of Edward CLEMENT (b. 21 Sept 1780 in Amelia Co., VA-d. 21 Sept 1840 in Sumter Co., AL). The only information I have is that his father was named John and that his mother was named Sarah. He may have had a sister named Nancy. 23 May 1782 - Certificate of Administration estate of John CLEMENT granted Sarah CLEMENT, appraisement of slaves and current moneys. Sarah CLEMENT appointed guardian of Edward CLEMENT and Nancy CLEMENT, minors. Sarah CLEMENT's second husband was Edward FOWLER. If anyone recognizes this CLEMENT family I would appreciate the help. Feb 17, 1999 - 15:25 - From: - David Clement

ARNOLD, ATKINSON - Does anyone have information about the John Arnold mentioned in Amelia Co. Order Book 1 (1735-1746)? I would like to find out if this is the same James Arnoll (Arnold) who ended up in Brunswick/Lunenburg/Mecklenburg Cos. Died 1776, Meck. Co. I also would like to establish a date of his marriage to Martha Atkinson, the daughter of Christopher Atkinson and his wife Elizabeth. The Atkinsons are found in Isle of Wight Co. Can anyone tell me about the John Arnold of Amelia Co.? Thanks. Feb 20, 1999 - 00:13 - From: - Sue Gill

GARRETT, D'AUBIGNE - Looking for information on Stephen Garrett b. 9 Apr 1733 m. 1753 to Louisa D'Aubigne b. 1737. Feb 23, 1999 - 12:32 - From: - Elizabeth Herod

WEBSTER - Looking for Richard Webster and Rebecca Jeter families (died @ 1838) Also interested in Howlett family. Would like to know if there is a Webster cemetery. Please e-mail . Thanks Feb 24, 1999 - 16:52 - From: - lisa hopkins

LOCKETT - Seeking information on the following LOCKETT men residing in Amelia County, VA 1782: Abraham, Benjamin, John; Believe my Benjamin LOCKETT b. ca 1780, VA. may descend from one of the above. Benjamin found in Botetourt County, VA 1812 when he married Frances SULLIVAN; Resided Botetourt until at least 1830's; Found in Hot Springs County, AR in 1850 census. Any information is greatly appreciated. Feb 28, 1999 - 13:19 - From: - Carolyn Murphy

BLANKENSHIP - Abel/Able Blankenship (b. ? d. abt 1838), believed to be father of Samuel Harrison Blankenship (b. 1785) in either Nottoway or Amelia Counties. Samuel married Harriett Perry. Abel's wife unknown. Any information would be helpful. Thank you! Mar 2, 1999 - 14:56 - From: - Don Hobbs

PILLOW - Would like to correspond with anyone researching Jasper Pillow b ca 1710 England d ca 1780 Amelia Co. Va. Wife Mary. Ch: William, Jasper, & John. Mar 3, 1999 - 21:30 - From: - Ann Farnsworth

HARDY - HARDY, John b. c1725 Amelia Co.,VA d. 1799 Edgefield District,SC m.1 Betsey Ingram m.2 1773, Isle of Wight Co.,VA to Ann Williams. Son of John and Ann was Covington Hardy b. 1 jun 1789 VA. Looking for descendants of John Hardy and Ann Williams and of Covington Hardy who married an Elizabeth Howerton. Mar 5, 1999 - 21:25 - From: - James E. Hardy

MOORE, FORD - I am searching for information on Britain MOORE. Britain MOORE married Nancy FORD on 22 Dec 1783 in Amelia County. When was Britain MOORE born and where? Did Britain MOORE and Nancy have any that's a dum question....OF COURSE they did !! What were the names of their children? Did they have a son named Britain? When was he born? Who did he marry? I would greatly appreciate any help on this family. Thank you VERY MUCH !! Mar 7, 1999 - 21:02 - From: - Bobby Massey

HARRISON, MALONE, NANCE - Mary Nancy MALONE married Giles NANCE 1754 Amelia co VA. She died in Wake co NC. She was the mother of 8 children including Clement NANCE. She was the daughter of Robert MALONE and Mary HARRISON. When and where was she born? When did she die? Mar 9, 1999 - 13:45 - From: - Stanley Odell

MAJOR, ABERNATHY, TOONE, WHISNANT - George Lewis Major son of Thomas and Mary Major married Mildred Elizabeth Abernathy daughter of Eddie Wilson and Mary Ethel Abernathy (Eddie's parents were Thomas Abernathy and Katherine Edmonia (I believe)(Mary's parents were Jackson Major and Anna May Toone)Any information....? Mar 9, 1999 - 17:45 - From: - Sarah Ulmer

GILLENTINE - Looking for any and all GILLENTINE connections. Please note my e-mail address change from to ~~~de Mar 12, 1999 - 07:55 - From: - Dee Mitchell

TINSLEY & SHORE - I am looking for the marriage of Banister Tinsley (may be listed as Tinsley Banister) & Milly or Molly Shore. Want to verify the marriage & try to find the parents of Molly or Milly. They were supposedly married in Amelia Co. in 1801. Thanks. Mar 16, 1999 - 20:21 - From: - Jane White

HOOD, JORDAN - Seeking information on William HOOD and (Marjorie) Jordan, married in Amelia County and possiblt moved to Roane County Tennessee Mar 21, 1999 - 16:28 - From: - Tim Hood

SEAY - I am seeking any information on the Alexander Seay family. Alexander Seay was born May 7, 1829 and died January 26, 1889. He married Elizabeth Seay, born April 5, 1834 and died Feb. 7, 1913. I suspect both were born in Amelia, Co. later migrating south to Henry Co. Va. Their children were: Edward Thomas Seay, born Oct. 29, 1856 and died July 7, 1925, Charles William Seay, born Dec. 30, 1859 and died Feb. 6, 1927, and James Alexander Seay, born July 2, 1862 and died 1921. Any information on this line would be appreciated Mar 24, 1999 - 20:42 - From: - Mary Jane (Seay) Freymuth

GATHING/GATHINGS - Looking for JOHN GATHING/GATHINGS, who witnessed a land transaction between John Powell and Richard & Frances Quarles Nov 21, 1757 in Amelia Co. This John Gathings would be the nephew of Winnie Haines/Hames whose husband was William. Any help appreciated. Mar 25, 1999 - 22:07 - From: - Donna Colyer Hunt

MAY - John MAY died in Amelia co VA 1767. Who were his parents, when and where did he die, who did he marry, when and where did he marry her. Mar 28, 1999 - 08:36 - From: - Stanley Odell

COOK - Looking for info. on a John Cook(E) and a Shem Cook(E) who resided in Amelia County around the period 1740 to the 1760's. Possibly there was a John, Sr. or a Benjamin Cook as their father. Later John, Jr. migrated to NC, and a John migrated to Pittsylvania and later Henry County, Va. Need pedigree. Mar 31, 1999 - 11:21 - From: - Sam Cook

GRESHAM, FORREST, RHODES, FARRELL, FARNELL - Edward Gresham,William Rhodes, James and William Forrest/Forrester residents of Amelia Co and Pr Edward co VA before 1750. Moved to Orange co NC. Need more info. on these families. Other connected families , Wm Farrell, and Louis and Isaac Farnel. Apr 5, 1999 - 15:29 - From: - Talma Klaassen

SHREVE - 4/6/99 In last night's Casey Co., KY Historical Society Meeting, Mrs. Linnie Raney was asked about the following individuals: Ben Shreve Born 1806 in VA and WIFE: Elizabeth__Born 1802 in VA She said they were from Amelia County, VA. If you have any information on these two people, please contact me. This information was extracted from the 1860 Casey Co. Census by Eula Ray Kirkland Thank you, Mary Ann Shreve-Morrison Apr 6, 1999 - 21:37 - From: - Mary Ann Shreve-Morrison

POLLARD0, WILLIAMS, VASSER - Hi. Has anyone seen a record of the marriage of Frances Pollard who was probably married around 1790 in Amelia Co., Va. I am also searching for the names of his wife and children. The 1840 Nottoway Census lists Frances Pollard as between 70 and 80 years old, and his wife between 60 and 70. Any information on Amelia County Pollards during the period 1750-1800 would be appreciated. Thanks Apr 7, 1999 - 10:20 - From: - REGINALD L. VASSAR

MAY, NANCE, RAGSDALE, BRUCE, ROBERTSON - John MAY died 1766 Amelia co VA. His children were Martha (Nance), John,jr, Mary (Ragsdale), Dorothy (Bruce), James, Elizabeth (Robertson), and William. Who were his parents? When and where was he born?, Who was his wife, and when and where did they marry? Apr 7, 1999 - 14:33 - From: - Stanley Odell

SNEED - seeking info on WILLIAM SNEED b1715 in Amelia Co, Va. he married Alice (?). he died 1791 in Amelia Co, Va. any info appreciated. Apr 9, 1999 - 00:08 - From: - carolyn

HOOD - I am searching for connections to my Hood family in Amelia County, Va. Anyone who has info to share/exchange please let me know. Thanks Apr 10, 1999 - 15:37 - From: - Angie Bush

LIGON - Would like to contact anyone researching Robert LIGON, s/o William Ligon.The Amelia County census for 1785 lists him with " 9 white souls". I beleive he may be the father of my gggrandmother. Any help appreciated!!! Apr 13, 1999 - 05:46 - From: - Marietta Sexton

GREEN - Searching for any info on Abraham GREEN--in Amelia Co., by 1736. He had sons, William Wills GREEN and Matthew GREEN who lived in Mecklinburg Co--married Ann DOWSING. Apr 18, 1999 - 16:23 - From: - Margaret PATE FINLEY

GREEN, DOWSING - Searching for any info. on Abraham GREEN, Sr. of Amelia Co. (there by 1736) and his family, especially Matthew and his wife, Ann DOWSING GREEN, who lived in Mecklinburg Co. Apr 19, 1999 - 18:09 - From: - Margaret P. FINLEY

HASKINS, MORROW, VAUGHAN - Looking for more information about William G. Haskins and Elizabeth Morrow family living in Amelia County in 1850. I believe one daughter, Mary Ann Page Haskins married Edwin A. Vaughan in Amelia County in abt. 1838. Apr 24, 1999 - 18:56 - From: - Mark Shepherd

CARTER, POLLARD - I am researching the CARTERS of Mulberry Grove, near Stocks Creek, beyond Paineville. Mulberry Grove was run by William R. Carter (1809 - 1886) and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Pollard (b. 1829). William had two siblings: Beverly Atwood Carter and Mary Elizabeth Carter. Their father was John Carter (1775 - 1852). I am interested in discovering John's roots and would greatly appreciate any and all information that might help lead to this. William and Mary had 11 children and I have tons of information on them and their descendants, should anyone be interested. I am uncertain about Mary Elizabeth Pollard's roots, other than that I know her mother's name was Nancy. I would appreciate information on this as well. Apr 25, 1999 - 14:47 - From: - Peyton Carter

MOORE, JONES, FARLEY, LAFAVRE - Moore, Jones, Farley, Lafavre. Im looking for any information on John Moore who married Mary Frances Jones,the daughter of John Gooch Jones and Susan Lafavre Farley. the records I have indecate they lived in Amelia county around 1795. Thanks for any help. May 26,1999 Apr 25, 1999 - 20:51 - From: - L.M.Flores

BURTON, COUSINS, DUNNAVANT - My gggmother is Isabella DUNNAVANT b1861 in Giles TN. I believe her gggparents were Joel DUNNAVANT and Carey BURTON(d of Abel BURTON and Ann COUSINS). I found this information in the Giles County Courthouse, but it was a typewritten outline with no real references or indication of the submitter. There is information going back another 8-10 generations on Carey BURTON's side, but very little on the DUNNAVANT side. I would appreciate hearing from someone who could shed some light, especially on the link between Joel and Isabella. Apr 29, 1999 - 12:38 - From: - Joe Flowers

HARRISON, POWERS - I just need to know how do I go about getting a copy of my great great grandparents marriage certificate - Lelia Skipwith Harrison and Pike Powers - married in Amelia County 3/18/1835..thank you..Betsy Powers Hodges Apr 30, 1999 - 11:57 - From: - Betsy Powers Hodges

HARRISON, POWERS - My 6th great grandparents: Benjamin Harrison the 3rd and Elizabeth Burwell, 5th Great: Ben the 4th and Anne Carter, 4th Great: Nathaniel Harrison and Mary Ruffin, 3rd Great: Edmund Harrison and Martha Wayles Skipwith, Great Great: Lelia Harrison and Pike Powers - they were married 3/18/1835 in Amelia County - I'm looking for a copy of their marriage certificate so I can find out who Pike's parents were....Betsy Powers Hodges Apr 30, 1999 - 12:02 - From: - Betsy Powers Hodges

OLIVER - I am searching for information on James Bryant Oliver, born in 1752--not sure which county, but he owned land in Amelia county later. His wife's name was Catherine. I need his father's name. I believe it was James. His will was probated in Amelia Co. in April of 1787. Any information will be appreciated, and I will be happy to share the family information from this point down. May 1, 1999 - 11:24 - From: - Betty A. Oliver

DRAPER - Looking for information about Solomon DRAPER b probably in late 1700's in Amelia Co, VA and married Lucy Dennis in GA in 1808. Son William Draper was b abt 1809. Looking for names of Solomon's parents. Appreciate any help. May 3, 1999 - 21:05 - From: - Sherri Draper

ARCHER, MELTON - I'm looking for the families of Mary Leigh ARCHER, who married Littleberry W. Melton on Mar. 5, 1838 in Pittsylvania Cty., VA. Mary Leigh and Littleberry were born in Petersburg, VA, but may have lived in Amelia Cty at one time. The Melton family owned land near Petersburg. Any information on these families will be gratefully appreciated. May 8, 1999 - 00:42 - From: - Audrey Melton Althaus

TUCKER - I am seeking information on a Sandy L. Tucker,b.1827. May 10, 1999 - 15:02 - From: - Jerry Tucker

SEAY, LEWIS, RIDGEWAY, WILSON - Seeking information on James SEAY b abt 1718 KgWmCo VA, died 1755 Amelia Co VA, who married Lucy LEWIS dtr of John LEWIS. Their children were Josiah b abt 1733; Phoebe abt 1735/ marr Saml Ridgeway; Mary Ann abt 1733/ marr Benjamin WILSON; James abt 1739; Reubin abt 1741; Matthew abt 1743; and Cyrus abt 1745. If you know anything about James SEAY please contact me. I also use May 11, 1999 - 13:12 - From: - Rose M. Spencer

HARRIS - Does anyone have any info on Fieldman HARRIS, born around 1759 in Amelia County, Virginia such as who he married and any children. I know that he applied for a pension in 1832. Please e-mail at Thanks May 11, 1999 - 19:15 - From: - Carolyn Belville Barrett

HOWARD - Seeking information on Alexander Howard, wife Johanna, who lived in Amelia County. Had sons named John, Peter and Alexander Jr. After death of Alexander Sr., the family moved to Granville, NC and then to SC. Will be glad to share information. May 17, 1999 - 15:32 - From: - G. Batson

TRULY - Looking for information on Hector and Sarah Holt Truly of Amelia County, Va. Hector was born about 1720 and died in 1761 at Amelia County, Va. Sarah Holt Truly was born about 1730 at Amelia County, Va. and died March 15, 1792 in Natchez District, Spanish Rule, Ms. Any information anyone might have concerning these people will be appreciated. May 18, 1999 - 12:04 - From: - Thelma Denmon

ECHOLS, HIGHTOWER - Sarah Echols married Charnel Hightower in Amelia County about 1775. Who was the father of Sarah? Charnel Hightower died in 1807 in Montgomery Co., GA. Sarah died there about 1809. May 19, 1999 - 08:03 - From: - Kline Pugh

FARLEY, GRAHAM, GRIMES, GRYMES - I believe the name of my 4th gr-grandmother is SARAH FARLEY, and that she was born in Amelia County abt. 1745. I would appreciate it ever so much if you can help me regarding her birth, etc. May 19, 1999 - 11:22 - From: - Jackie Graham Hudgins