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BOOTH - I am a descendant of Peter BOOTH, b. abt 1864, Amelia Co.,VA. He was the son of John BOOTH, b. abt 1744, Amelia Co., VA. Based uncertain info, I believe John is the son of Thomas BOOTH, but I am not sure which Thomas BOOTH that would be. I feel they are all tied to Thomas BOOTH, who immigrated from England in the late 1600's. I need help making a definate connection of these families. Any BOOTH info would be helpful! Jan 1, 1998 - 21:17 - From: - Justine (Hopkins) Cheung

HITE - I am just beginning a search for my ancestors. My grandfather was Robert Mann Hite who lived near Beaver Pond Mill in Amelia County. I believe his father was Robert Merrick Hite, or James Merrick Hite or Merrick Hite. Any information will be appreciated. Jan 2, 1998 - 00:27 - From: - F. M. Hite, Jr.

POLLARD, CHAPMAN - In 1812 in Amelia Co. VA Robert Pollard married Mahalia Chapman dau. of Benjamin Chapman. If anyone can tell me who Robert Pollard's father and mother were and anything else of interest I would surely appreciate it. Jan 2, 1998 - 17:50 - From: - Carol Mills

BYERLY, MCWILLIAMS - My gg grandfather Peter Byerly died in Amelia County,VA on June 1, 1929. His wife was named Sarah Elizabeth McWilliams. She died in Westmoreland County, PA on August 20, 1896. There was an estate settlement that I am trying to learn more about. I am not certain if Peter Byerly is buried in Amelia County or was returned to Pa where other family members are interred. Any information on death or will, etc appreciated. Thank you. Jan 6, 1998 - 02:30 - From: - Dorothy Srembo

VAUGHN/VAUGHAN - Seeking information about a WILLIAM D. VAUGHN (or VAUGHAN) who lived in Amelia County, VA in 1940, a native of NC. At this time he was elderly, and probably lived with a son or daughter. Jan 7, 1998 - 09:25 - From: - Frank R. Vaughan

JACKSON, LEDBETTER - I am looking for any information on Charles Jackson & Nancy Ledbetter who married April 5th. 1797 in Nottoway or Amelia county Va. Charles was son of Charles Jackson & Grandson of John Ellis Jackson of Surry Co. Va. Nancy Ledbetter was dau. of William Ledbetter of Brunswick Co. Va. and formerly of Dinwiddie Co. Va. Thank tou, Kay in Texas Jan 7, 1998 - 11:45 - From: - kay mcmahan noska

TISDALE, JAMES - William TISDALE died in 1752 in Amelia Co. leaving a wife Ann who married Garrett CORBIN. His children were William, Jr., Reneson, Edward, John and Henry. John TISDALE (b. 1730) supposedly married Jane JAMES in the 1750s and briefly moved to Lunenburg and then Craven, SC. Was she the daughter of Francis JAMES and sister of Thomas and John JAMES who lived in the Amelia/Lunenburg area at that time? Jan 10, 1998 - 16:42 - From: - Beverly Burton

HILLSMAN, ALLEN - Mary HILLSMAN, b. 1768, daughter of Mathew HILLSMAN and Ann Guillentin (Guillintine), married ------ ALLEN. What is ALLEN's given name? When and where were they married? Who were their children? Jan 10, 1998 - 16:50 - From: - Robert A. Heil

HILLSMAN, ALLEN, GUILLENTIN/GUILLINTINE - ALLEN (given name unknown), married Mary HILLSMAN, b. 1768, daughter of Mathew HILLSMAN and Ann GUILLENTIN (GUILLINTINE). What is given name of ALLEN? Where and when were they married? Who were their children? Jan 10, 1998 - 16:54 - From: - Robert A. Heil

FOSTER, AMOS - Need parents and children of Joel FOSTER who married Edie AMOS in Amelia County. Jan 12, 1998 - 11:22 - From: - Paul E. Foster

RICE, LEIGH, GREENHILL - I am searching for descendants of Charles RICE and Catherine Leigh GREENHILL who were married Feb. 9. 1804 in Prince Edward Co., VA. I believe they lived in Amelia Co. later. Jan 14, 1998 - 17:33 - From: - Mindy Hudson

HOOD - llooking for the parents of John William HOOD b 1759 m Rebecca REEVES Jan 15, 1998 - 15:55 - From: - James L Ward

DOWDY, DUNNEVANT - Looking for origins of my GGgrandparents Poindexter and Emily Jane DOWDY. Emily born ca. 1813 Amelia Co., last name probably DUNNEVANT, d. aft 1880 ?Cumberland. Poindexter born ca. 1811 Cumberland Co., died after 1880 ?Cumberland. They had the following children in Cumberland bet 1836 and 1856: Lucy, John, George (married Lucy Susan), Susan, Edward, Allan and my Ggrandfather Robert Sydney. Happy to share. Jan 18, 1998 - 13:18 - From: - Shirley Meador Wersinger

VAUGHN/VAUGHAN - Would like death date for William D. VAUGHN (or VAUGHAN) who is believed to have died in the 1940s, and the location of his grave. Would also like to know the gravestone location of Isaac VAUGHN (or VAUGHAN) that was his son. Jan 18, 1998 - 15:15 - From: - Frank R. Vaughan

NASH - Seeking info on Thomas NASH who settled for awhile in Amelia County after the Revolution and m.Sarah COLE shortly after. He appears on a 1785 tax list for Amelia Co. He apparently moved to Charlotte Co. then but probably still owned land in Amelia Co. Any info on him or his wife (who we think was a widow, she could have been Sarah DANIEL) would be appreciated. Jan 22, 1998 - 01:22 - From: - Kristy Nash

HIGHTOWER - I'm researching the Hightower family of Virginia. If you have relatives with the surname Hightower, I would like to hear from you. Please feel free to visit my online database of Hightower genealogy at: Jan 22, 1998 - 20:01 - From: - Tony Rockefeller

CLARK - Searching for information concerning the CLARK parents (mother & father) descendants of English ancestry. of four sons and one daughter, parents date of emigration to Amelia is not known. Their children were all born in Amelia Co., VA. . (1) Thomas born about 1753 (2) William (3) Dudley (4) George (5) Nancy. Jan 24, 1998 - 17:23 - From: - Elizabeth M. Graveline

FARLEY - FARLEY, Obediah. born in 1757 in Amelia. Father may have been Abraham. Had brother(s). Moved to Bedford during the Revolutionary War. Jan 24, 1998 - 18:39 - From: - Gary Farley

COOKE, RUCKER - Looking for information on antecedants of Shem COOKE, as well as where he was born. Married Ann RUCKER, daughter of Peter RUCKER. Jan 27, 1998 - 18:01 - From: - Peggy Smith

ANTHONY, ADISON - Trying to locate Adison Anthony born abt. 1829 in VA. Adison may have been maiden name of his mother. He was on Ark. census in 1850 and died in 1879. On the 1850 census there was a slave with the name of Adison living in Amelia Co. Does anyone have any information on this? Thank you. Jan 28, 1998 - 12:57 - From: - Larry Anthony

ROBERT, BALDWIN, COOLEY - Researching John & Sarah BALDWIN/ROBERTS. John is said to have a will dated 8 Oct 1763 Amelia County.naming nine ch. One son Samuel Roberts moved to Pittsylvania Co. where he md. Sarah Jordan COOLEY they moved to Greenville Co. SC. bef. 1790. Jan 28, 1998 - 22:52 - From: - Donna F. Bowen

BOLDING/BOLLING/BOWLING/BOULDIN, BORELAND - 1771 will of Susanna Bolding, I think in WB 2X. Can someone check that for me please - date written & date probated, heirs. Witnesses. I think I saw it years ago and only found heirs son Benjamin and grandson James. Is that correct? Thanks. H. McK Jan 30, 1998 - 16:23 - From: - Helen McKnight

ZASTROW - Would like information on William Zastrow who was a Postmaster at the Abercorn Post Office in Amelia Co VA from Feb 10 1908 to May 31 1908 and Paul Karl Andreas Zastrow who registered for military service in Amelia Co May 11 1918 Feb 1, 1998 - 01:43 - From: - Kathleen Koepp

AUSTIN - I am looking for information about William Austin, b. est.1665-1694, unknown location, m. Elizabeth(unknown maiden name) est. marriage date 1691-1734, Amelia Co., VA. Son, Bartholomew Austin, b. 1716, Amelia Co., VA. Thanks for any help! Feb 1, 1998 - 15:58 - From: - Emmie Gorrell

ADAMS - Looking for a Robert Adams who came to Pittsylvania Co, Va. He was born about 1720???? and died in 1783 in the above county. Unfortunate two other Robert Adams came at about the same time which confuses the search, however the other two were associated with better record keeping than my Robert left behind. Any help or ideas would be pleasing to me, help!!!!!! Feb 3, 1998 - 00:36 - From: - Gladys A Borup

DEARIEN - I am searching for information on the DEARIEN family of Amelia Co. My line is Richard, b. ca. 1730; his son William, William's son William (d. about 1829); Augustus M. and his brother Tom may have been involved in a criminal case in Amelia in ca. 1845. Augustus left Amelia about that time and migrated to Pike Co., IL, later to Izard co. AR Feb 6, 1998 - 23:01 - From: - Pat White

MUNFORD - We are researching our family name MUNFORD and have found reference to Richard J MUNFORD of Amelia Co., VA c1801. We are trying to link this back to England. Any help & information will be gratefully received. Feb 8, 1998 - 08:27 - From: - steve & val munford

HOSKINS/HASKINS/HOPKINS VAUGHAN - My G-Grandmother's death certificate indicated that her mother's name was Mary Page Hoskins/Haskins/Hopkins who was born in Amelia County. She married Edwin(?) Adolphus Vaughan. The marriage would have taken place in the late 1830's or early 1840's. Mary Page Hoskins would have likely been born in the 1820's in Amelia County. If anyone recognizes the name(s) or has access to birth or marriage records, I would appreciate any help. Thanks. Feb 10, 1998 - 22:35 - From: - Mark Shepherd mshepher@rconnect

HUDDLESTON, TANNER, JOBE - Searching for ancestors of Martha Tanner & Thomas Huddleston, who died in Amelia Co. in 1823, leaving a widow, Martha Tanner, and eight children; Elizabeth S., Thomas W., Robert E.,Martha F. T., Sarah A.H., Mary E., John B., and William C. Huddleston. At the time of his death 3 of the children were underage. We believe he may have been the son of Thomas J. Huddleston & Sally Canada. Any help would be appreciated. Feb 15, 1998 - 23:43 - From: - Leslie C. Buchanan Buck/n/


RAINY/RANEY/RAINEY - FRANCIS RANEY granted land in Amelia Co. in 1733 - deed read "Francis Raney, son of Roger Raney" apparently he was not of age. Land sold 1756 after he moved to Mecklenburg (known in 1759) Francis first appeared on tithables in 1749 and was listed there till 1754. Looking for more information on wife, Ann. Ann is thought to be Ann Rottenberry, dau of John Rottenberry of what was to become Mecklenburg Co. Also looking for other family information on Francis. Have a copy of his will from Meck and Brun. Counties dtd 1802 and 1803. Will welcome any contact with possible connections. Thanks Rich. Feb 18, 1998 - 22:19 - From: - Richard A. Rainey

ELLIS - Am hoping to learn more about James Ellis, believed to have been b. Amelia County, VA m. Hulda Burtram. One son, Marion b. 1847 somewhere in TN and d. in Fentress Cou, TN in 1904. Feb 20, 1998 - 10:56 - From: - Delroes Ellis

ELLIS - Searching James Ellis, b. Amelia County, VA date unknown; m. Hulda Burtram. A son, Marion b. 1847 somewhere in TN, d. 1904 in Fentress County, TN. Feb 20, 1998 - 10:58 - From: - Delores Ellis

DEARING - DEARING-I am interested in finding the parents of Richard DEARING, who was first mentioned in Amelia Co, VA, in 1743, when he and Edward BOOKER killed two wolves. Richard DEARING purchased 200 acres on Flat Creek in 1747. Where is Flat Creek? Richard sold this land to his son William DEARING in 1786. Richard married (2) Jemimah ? (need surname of Jemimah) and had five children with Jemimah: Mason (b.1780), Joel (b.1782), Lucy (b 1784), Grace (b.1788), and Parky (b 1790) DEARING. Richard and Jemimah DEARING and their children moved to Bedford Co., VA, in 1787. Richard died in 1792 in Bedford Co. Am interested in parents and first marriage of Richard DEARING/DEAREN. Feb 21, 1998 - 12:37 - From: - Tom H. Fisher

FORD - Looking for information on Christopher (Christo) Ford. He was refered to as Christopher Ford, the Younger of Williamsburg. He died after 1788 in Amelia Co. VA.He married Lucy Lewis daughter of Zachary Lewis of Spotsylvania Co., VA. Lucy was b. December 8, 1735 in Spotsylvania Co. and died after 1788 in Amelia Co. Children of Christopher and Lucy were Mathew, Samuel, Waller, Lewis, Zachary Daniel, Mary Overton, Lucy, Doretha, Ann Booth, and Elizabeth. Feb 21, 1998 - 23:52 - From: - Virginia F. Grice

TUCKER - Bartley TUCKER b about 1760 Amelia Co. Va. died March 10, 1841 Anderson Co. S.C. Dont' know anything about his wife or her family. Possible son Barklay M. Tucker b 10-13-1800 do 8-5-1889. Feb 24, 1998 - 19:16 - From: - Karol Stewart

PERRIN - We are searching for information on the Perrin Family that was in Amelia County from 1750 on and would appreciate any information that you could help us with.You may contact us at Thanks, Ray and Joyce Perrin. Feb 24, 1998 - 21:05 - From: - Raymond H. Perrin, Jr.

PARHAM, GOWER - Gower PARHAM b. 1688-1709. Does anyone have a more specific birthdate? He was a son of Edward PARHAM who d. & left will in 1709 in Surry Co.,Va. Gower d. & left will in Amelia Co. in 1767. How did Gower get his 1st name? Was his mother a GOWER? If not, what relation if any, was he to the GOWERS? Gower's wife named in his will was Archer. What was her maiden name? Again how did she get surname of Archer as her 1st name? Does anyone have more complete dates etc. on Gower & Archer's 5 children? Gower & Archer seem to have lived in Bristol Parish, Pr. Geo. Co.,Va. as that is where their children were supposedly born....1. Elizabeth ch. 2/24/ 1732 marr. when & where to Chas. LEWIS who d. 1805 Pitts. Co.,Va. when & where did Elizabeth die? 2. William S. b. Jul.2, 1735 (need anything on him) 3. James b. ? d. 1786 Pitts. Co.,Va. married? 4. Martha b.&d.? married when & where to Thomas Clark 5. Mary b. 1741 d. ? marr. when & where to John (Keith/Keatts?) Any help with the above will certainly be appreciated Thank You Feb 25, 1998 - 17:42 - From: -

PARHAM GOWER - PARHAM, GOWER Gower Parham b. 1688-1709. Anyone have a more specific birthdate? He was a son of Edw. PARHAM who d. & left will in 1709 in Surry Co.,Va. Gower d. & left a will in Amelia Co. 1767. How did Gower get his 1st name? Was his mother a GOWER? If not, what relation if any, was he to the GOWERS? Gower's wife named in his will was Archer. What was her maiden name? How did she get surname of Archer as her 1st name? Does anyone have more complete dates, etc. on Gower & Archer's 5 children? They seem to have lived in Bristol Parish, Pr. Geo. Co.,Va. as that is where their children were supposedly born. 1. Elizabeth Ch. 2/24/1732, marr. when & where to Chas. Lewis who d. 1805 Pitts. Co.,Va. When & where did Elizabeth die? 2. William S. b. Jul.2,1735 (need anything on him 3. James b.? d. 1786 Pitts. Co.,Va. marr.? 4. Martha b.&d. ? marr. when & where to Thos. Clark 5. Mary b. 1741 d.? marr. when & where to John Keith/ Keatts? Will appreciate hearing from anyone who might be of help or may have some clues to solving these questions. Thank you. Mar 1, 1998 - 14:13 - From: - Don Matson

PARHAM, GOWER - To Carol A. Morrison I can't find my PARHAM, GOWER query on the Amelia Co. query pages, so I can make a printout of it for my records. I went all the way down the queries & noticed that had not been updated since Dec. 9, 1997. Why?? What is taking so long??? I rushed to get my query out there so the public could see it & that I might get an answer before I die. Get with it Carol or get an assistant. Thank you. Mar 3, 1998 - 11:22 - From: - Don Matson

To Don: Sorry you didn't email me directly using the email link at the end of the various pages. Queries posted for the Amelia Co. pages are done automatically and are posted immediately after you click on the submit button without any human intervention. You must, however, follow the link the the 'newly posted query' page in order to view your query. Sometimes it is also necessary to clear your cache. It is suggested that you *slow down* and take the time to read the information on the various web pages. If you had done so, I'm sure you would have found the proper page and your queries, right after you had posted them. Carol A. Morrison

MORRIS - Family lore says that my Moses MORRIS, born abt. 1771 in Sussex, , NJ, USA; died 1857 in Washington, MO, USA. He married (1) abt. 1800, Susannah (---), born abt. 1785 in Amelia, VA, USA; died bef. 1835. He married (2) on 12 Nov 1835, Mary "Polly" Gragg McMurtrey [1651], born in VA, USA; died 1860 in , Washington, MO, USA. 1850 Washington County, MO, (Dwelling 421/421) Moses listed as b. NJ. More family lore says Susannah's surname was MORRIS also. Do you know anything about this Susannah or Moses Morris family? Thanks, Mar 3, 1998 - 20:39 - From: - Marsha Meredith

GRESHAM - Edward GRESHAM resided in Amelia co before 1750 and later Pr Edw. co. before he moved to Orange co NC . Who was his wife and parents. Mar 4, 1998 - 17:38 - From: - Talma Klaassen

PITMAN HOWES - PITMAN- Looking for info on Lewis Andrew PITMAN(1782-1849) born in VA, moved to KY in 1796, married Nancy JOHNSTON (1779-1849),buried in ILL. HOWES- Looking for info on Charles HOWES(1750-1821) and his father Henry HOWES(1725- )born in VA and Charles buried in Clay Co., KY. Mar 4, 1998 - 21:15 - From: - Harriet Hester Johnson

RUDD - BOOTH - Am trying to locate the parents of a Beverly W. Rudd (Male). He was born Around 1822 in Amelia... married a Martha E. Booth on February 23, 1839, in Amelia. they had three children: Henry B., John M. and Elizabeth Rudd. Henry died around 1846, and Martha married a R. A. Christian on August 24, 1848. ANY Information will be appreciated. THANKS (Martha's parents would be nice,too) Mar 6, 1998 - 17:26 - From: - Buddy Rudd

CLAIBORNE, HAMLIN - Would like to share information with others researching the CLAIBORNE and HAMLIN families that resided in Amelia Co. in the mid 1700s. Mar 7, 1998 - 17:12 - From: - Judy Penrod Purcell

PILES/JACKSON - Conradus PILES married Eleanor JACKSON, daughter of William, in April 1782. In May 1782, William JACKSON deeded land to Conradus PILES. In 1786, PILES and JACKSON sold the land and moved to NC. Any information about this Conradus PILES - ages, prior residence, parents, etc is appreciated. Other info on JACKSON would be great. :) Mar 7, 1998 - 19:15 - From: - Kathy Hartmann

BLANTON - My GGGGG-Grandfather Joshua Blanton was born in 1728 and lived in Prince Edward County where his four sons, Richard, John, James and Joshua II, b. 1760, were born. Joshua II, later moved his family to Duplin County, NC. Any info on the original Joshua or his sons would be appreciated. Clarke Blanton Mar 8, 1998 - 01:20 - From: - A. Clarke Blanton

WEBB, LIGON - Looking for the ancestors of William Webb born abt.1760, died abt. 1812, and his wife Mary Ligon whose children were: Jane C. Webb b.abt. 1784 M. Alexander Marshall Jordan Webb b.abt 1795 Elizabeth Webb b.abt. 1796 Susanna Webb b.abt 1797 m.12/20/1830 Stephen Bryant Green Washington Webb b.abt 1803 m. Elizabeth F. Gee John Garner Webb b.12/15/1804 m. Harriett Hardy Winn Mar 11, 1998 - 11:21 - From: - Harry S. Meade

PILLOW OR PILLEW OR PILLER OR PILLAR - Am trying to determine parentage of Willis Pillow, also spelled Pillew, -er, -ar, who lived in Amelia County in early 1800s. Believe to be son of William or Jasper or John Pillew, sons of one Jasper Pillew who reputedly settled in Amelia County in 1740 from England. Mar 12, 1998 - 13:09 - From: - William F. Pillow, Jr.

HARRISON, JOHNSON, JACKSON, ANDERSON, MILES - We are researching our ancestors, NATHANIEL HARRISON, brother of president BENJAMIN HARRRISON of Virginia, (the former, not the later from Ohio who was his grandson), and FRANKIE MILES. Both walked this earth during the 19th century (before and during civil war), and were residents and landowners in Amelia County. Any descendants or anyone having information regarding whereabouts of descendants, family tree, or chain of eventstaken place feel free to establish contact. ANDERSON, JOHNSON and JACKSON are also names directly related to our family dating from the civil war. Mar 12, 1998 - 18:33 - From: - Ronna Keitt


FLINN/FLYNN - Researching Laughlin Flyn. He stated he arrived in colonies in 1718. He was in Amelia County, VA in 1735. Need information on his parents, siblings, children. Mar 14, 1998 - 13:12 - From: - Mildred and Irvin Flinn

PILLEW - Interested in Jasper Pillew (also spelled -er, -ar, -ow) who lived in Amelia County, VA in mid-1700's and had sons Jasper, William, and John and grandson Willis. Wish to determine whether he came to America around 1740 as reported or had descendents who arrived here as much as 92 years earlier (1648 in Nansemond County). Mar 16, 1998 - 14:04 - From: - William F. Pillow, Jr.

BOOKER - Rachel Marot Booker, born Abt. 1773. Her only child, Judith married James Townes, Jr. Rachel probably died in childbirth or shortly thereafter . James remarried and had 3 or 4 other children before dying in 1810. One of Judith's daughters, Elizabeth Frances Smith, married James J. Hollis.I am descended from Joseph and Judith through their daughter Elizabeth Frances who married James J. Hollis. Mar 17, 1998 - 14:36 - From: - Sue Pearson Carpenter

TOWNES - James Townes, Jr. married Rachel Marrot Booker. James and Rachel had one child, Judith Townes. Rachel probably died in childbirth or shortly thereafter . James remarried and had 3 or 4 other children before dying in 1810. Judith married Joseph Smith. One of Judith's daughters, Elizabeth Frances Smith, married James J. Hollis.I am descended from Joseph and Judith through their daughter Elizabeth Frances who married James J. Hollis. Mar 17, 1998 - 14:42 - From: - Sue Pearson Carpenter

GREEN - I am looking for parents and any other information about Henry Green who was listed as a tithable in Amelia Co. in 1737. He died in 1776 and left a will. His wife was Lucy, surname unknown. I have names of 9 children, daughter Lucy married Thomas Dunn in 1787 in Sussex County. Thank yoou for any help. Sally Mar 19, 1998 - 14:11 - From: - Sally C. Lee

BUTLER, CHAPMAN, POLLARD, STERN - Jeanne Crain Weaver 3-21-98 BUTLER, CHAPMAN, POLLARD, STERN -- I am searching for info on the following: Creed BUTLER and Parthena STERN who married in Amelia Co., VA 23 Sept 1830. Their daughter Martha BUTLER married Joseph Hill POLLARD 12 Sept. 1850 Adair Co., KY. Joseph Hill POLLARD is the son of Robert POLLARD and Mahalia CHAPMAN, dau. of Benjamin CHAPMAN, they married 26 Nov 1812 in Amelia Co., VA. Did Robert POLLARD die in Amelia Co? The family is listed on the 1850 Adair Co., KY census, but Robert is not with them. A daughter, Nancy W. POLLARD married John P. DEATON in 1841 Amelia Co., VA. Looking for a list of Joseph and Mahalia's children as I think there are more than what I have listed. Any help would be appreciated, as I have nothing on the STERN family and am at a standstill on the POLLARD's. Mar 22, 1998 - 13:07 - From: - JEANNE CRAIN WEAVER

ANDERSON, FOWLKES, HULME, RICHARDSON - I am searching for the parents of Reuler RICHARDSON, who died Abt 1807 in Nottoway Co, VA. He married Ann HULME, daughter of William Hulme, 23 Apr 1761 in Amelia County. They had Nancy (who m. Charles ANDERSON), William, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Robert, David and John. Reuler m. Amy FOWLKES 15 Jan 1789 in Nottoway Co, VA. They had Thomas, Jane W., Anna, and Grief. Will share info and hope to find someone who knows something about this family. Linda Schmehl Mar 23, 1998 - 09:05 - From: - Linda Schmehl

DRAKE - Interested in any information that anyone has on any DRAKEs living in Amelia Co. VA in the early 1700's. Specifically Epaphroditus DRAKE, born about 1737. I believe his father was Thomas DRAKE. I would like to know the names of his mother, brothers and sisters. If anyone has any information I would certainly love to hear from you. Mar 23, 1998 - 14:49 - From: - Nancy Hendrix

HUBBARD/RICHARDSON - HUBBARD/RICHARDSON Amelia Co. Va. 1788 Searching for any information at all abt. Elizabeth RICHARDSON (dau. of Ruler) md. James HUBBARD 28 Aug. 1788 Amelia Co. Va. Who and where was Ruler Richardson? 1814 Abbeville Dist. SC. David RICHARDSON was named guardian of six minor HUBBARD children; Holloway and Mary HUBBARD over 14 yrs of age, and Elizabeth, Sarah, Dovey, Cynthia HUBBARD minors under age 14. The papers were signed before Joseph HUBBARD no relationship given. There is an estate (no will) shown for a James HUBBARD shortly before 1814 in Abbeville Dist. I believe that David RICHARDSON was blood relative to these HUBBARD orphans, but have no clue other than perhaps the marriage between Elizabeth RICHARDSON and James HUBBARD. Any info. at all abt. Ruler Richardson or Elizabeth and James will be appreciated/ Thanks Anne Coady Mar 24, 1998 - 08:53 - From: - Anne Coady


CROWDER - searching for Frederick Crowder He was a baptist minister and eventually moved to Ga. Mar 28, 1998 - 20:28 - From: - Yvonne crowder Ycrow20086

DRAKE, LIGON - My ggrandfather, Samuel LIGON, m. Lucy DRAKE on Nov 11, 1809 in Amelia Cty, VA. I believe that Lucy's middle name was Olive, but I have seen one report that says her middle initial was "H" and one that says her middle initial was "N." Her father may be William DRAKE. I am looking for information: Full name and family of Lucy DRAKE. Bill Hocutt Mar 30, 1998 - 00:24 - From: - Bill Hocutt

BRANNAN - Dorothy Croucher's will was registered in Amelia County Will Book 1, pp 108-9. She left items to her grandchildren, children of her daughter Catherine and Thomas Brannan. Dorothy's husband had died in 1740 in Richmond County, Va. The grandchildren were also born there. I would like to know what she was doing in Amelia County. Did Thomas and Catherine live with her there? Has anyone seen any references to Thomas or Catherine Brannan or to Dorothy Croucher? Mar 30, 1998 - 22:33 - From: - Sue Brannan Plaster

SEAY, JENKINS, RALSTON - I am looking for information on Jacob Seay Jr b. Dec 6, 1758 m. Rebecca Davis Jenkins Nov 21, 1791 and he died June 25, 1850 in Washington County Ky. He lived in Amelia County in 1790, was in the Am Rev. His sons were Samuel, Edward, Wm Austin and daug. Betsey. His father was also Jacob of Amelia County. Mar 31, 1998 - 19:43 - From: - Anita Kraft

WILLIS - I am interested in ancestors or descendants of these people. William WILLIS r 1765 Amelia Co VA r 1770 Pittsylvania Co VA r 1773 Charlotte Co VA d 1816 Henry Co KY now Trimble Co KY 1m Elizabeth 2m Averilla (possibly Elizabeth Averilla as daughter Averilla was actually Elizabeth Averilla) 1 Mary "Polly" WILLIS b 1759(4) Pittsylvania Co VA(4) d 23 Apr 1845(4) Jefferson Co IN(4) m 1 Dec 1780 Jesse LAW b 9 Jan 1757(4) d 14 Nov 1839(4) r Jefferson Co IN 2 Averilla WILLIS b 1765(4) d May 1850(4) Pittsylvania Co VA(4) (Inventory recorded 1 Jun 1850 Pittsylvania Co VA) m 23 Dec 1790(4) Pittsylvania Co VA(4) David LAW b 1765-70(4) d Oct 1845(4) 3 Joel WILLIS b 1768 VA d Jan 1853 m 2 Sep 1790(2) Frances MEADOWS 4 Elizabeth "Susanna" WILLIS m 9 Feb 1782 Lawrence DUFF 5 John WILLIS b 1766(4) d 1833(4) m Letitia NANCY(3) 6 Nancy WILLIS m 8 Oct 1798 Shelby Co KY(4) Daniel MADDOX r Jennings Co IN 7 Letticia WILLIS m SPEAR Apr 3, 1998 - 02:01 - From: - Mary Johnston

Richardson, Hubbard, Hulme, Fowlkes, Anderson - Reuben RICHARDSON b. c1742 d. c1807 Nottoway Co. Va. md. (1) 23 April 1762 Amelia Co. Va. Anne HULME (HULEN?) (dau. Richard HULME?) ch: 1. William 2. Elizabeth (md. James HUBBARD 28 Aug. 1788 Amelia Co. Va. wit. to consent: David RICHARDSON, Benjamin BORUM and James ROBERTSON. sur. Edmund BORUM, md. by Rev. Charles ANDERSON) 3. Mary Ann (md. ANDERSON) 4. Robert 5. Nancy (md. Charles ANDERSON moved to Pittsylvania Co. Va.) 6. David (md. Priscilla MORRIS in SC abt. 1812?) 7. John md. (2) 15 Jan. 1789 Amey FOWLKS Amelia Co. Va. ch: 8. Thomas 9. Jane W. 10. Anna 11. Grief Rueben RICHARDSON's first name has been spelled, Ruter, Ruler, Reuller, Reular, Rooler, Reul etc. He bought land in Amelia Co. in 1768 on Gabriel FOWLKES line from James BAGLEY. I "suspect" the Elizabeth RICHARDSON and James HUBBARD shown above to be the parents of six minor orphan HUBBARD children shown in Abbeville Dist. Wills and Bonds in 1814, David RICHARDSON named guardian. If this is the case, where were James and Elizabeth HUBBARD and David RICHARDSON between 1788 and 1814? Any info. on any of the above named people will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Anne Coady Researching David RICHARDSON b. bef. 1789 Va. d. 1830 Henry Co. Ga. md. c1812 SC to Priscilla MORRIS (dau. of Wm. MORRIS & Sarah TERRY) Apr 3, 1998 - 10:51 - From: - Anne Coady

HARRIS- CALLAHAN-STRONG - Researching Edward and Unity Harris left deed 1747 to son Nathaniel Harris Can anyone help meas to where this family came from to Amelia. my lineage is Nathaniel and Eleanor Harris (need her maiden name) their daughter Unity married to Darby Callahan. Will be happy to share with you any Family information I might have Geraldean Douglas Bell Apr 3, 1998 - 12:20 - From: - Geraldean Douglas Bell DOUGLAS4MR@AOL.COM

TERRY - TERRY, I am looking for information on Virginia Terry, 1860-1949. Brother to Tom Terry who lived in Chula in the 1040's. She married Henry Harrison Boyles. Apr 4, 1998 - 11:56 - From: - James R. Boyles

BOYLES - BOYLES, Henry Harrison 1853-1925. Married to Virginia Terry, brother to Tom Terry. Residents of Amelia County in 1800's and early 1900's. Apr 4, 1998 - 12:02 - From: - James R. Boyles

SLAUGHTER, POLAND - Seeking parents of THOMAS SLAUGHTER m SARAH POLAND. Seeking parents of SARAH POLAND. Had son Edwin Franklin SLAUGHTER b 23 Feb 1833 in Amelia County Apr 4, 1998 - 18:14 - From: - Earl H. MayEhortonmay

WATKINS, GRESHAM, LEE - I desire correspondence with any researcher of Joel WATKINS and Rhoda GRESHAM who married in 1752. She was perhaps a sister to Richard LEE and Peter LEE of Buckingham and Washington Cos., Va., respectively. Apr 4, 1998 - 19:09 - From: - George Lee

VAUGH(A)N - Seeking information on the Isaac Wyatt Vaugh(a)n family that is buried? in the Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church cemetery. Am also seeking the information on their grave stones. Apr 5, 1998 - 21:19 - From: - Frank R. Vaughan

BALDWIN, DAVIDSON - Searching for information on: JOHN BALDWIN SARAH DAVIDSON Both of Amelia CO., VA Need birth location and date - parents - siblings & children, marriage date and location. Will exchange information. One child that I am relatively certain is Pleasant. Thanks Dale Baldwin Apr 7, 1998 - 22:09 - From: - Dale Baldwin

CARPENTER, HUNDLEY - I would like to hear from anyone who has information on Samuel Carpenter and Jean Hundley, married January 6, 1797 in Amelia County. Permission was given by Elizabeth Hundley. She may have been also called "Jincy". After her death, her children inherited property from the Estate of Josiah Hundley, relationship not given. Apr 8, 1998 - 20:11 - From: - Cynthia Samples

HURT, THURSTON & SHELTON - Researching The Garland HURT and Martisha THURSTON family. He was said to be born in Amelia Co., Va. in 1767. His father was Moses HURT and mother was Elizabeth SHELTON. Thank you. Suzette Thompson Apr 9, 1998 - 14:31 - From: - Suzette Thompson

JENNINGS STARKEY HOOD - Are you researching my family, too? William Jennings b. 1814 and died 6/25/1850 was married to Maria Fair Starkey b.1822 d.1893. this was all in Amelia Co., Nottaway , VA They had a son George Washington Jennings b.abt 1840 VA and he married Sophia Louise Hood {b1822} in 1863 in Davidson Co., TN. I have informatin forward. George and Sophia were my great Grand parents. However, I am interesting to fill in the family history back to England... but find no documents to verify William and also his father William Jennings said to be from Amelia Co., VA also. Would like to find what ancester came from England and the ship. Apr 9, 1998 - 17:25 - From: - Joyce Bodley

WINGO SEAY FOSTER CLEMENTS MEADOR GARNETT - Does anyone have thoughts or information on why branches of the WINGO, SEAY, and FOSTER families moved from Amelia County to Spartanburg, SC, in the 1790's? My ggg grandfather, Obediah WINGO and his wife Oney SEAY were among them. One of their sons--my gg grandfather, Jesse Seay WINGO -- married Jane (Jincie) FOSTER, the daughter of William (Mill Creek Billy) FOSTER, who also left Amelia for Spartanburg with his wife, Sarah (JONES?). I am trying to find out more about these family lines in Amelia County. Apr 12, 1998 - 22:01 - From: - Walter S. Wingo

CALDWELL,MOORE,RODGERS - CALDWELL,MOORE,RODGERS: 1.Seek info on John Caldwell mentioned in Amelia Court Order Book 1, July 16, 1743. Is he the Caldwell who led a group of settlers to Cub Creek now in Charlotte Cty, VA? 2. Seek info on James Moore and wife Elizabeth living in Amelia in 1779 at time they bought property in Lunenburg. Was she Elizabeth Rodgers, daughter of Thomas Rodgers who died in Charlotte Cty in 1785, and whose will was witnessed by James Moore? Apr 13, 1998 - 17:11 - From: - Clarke Rodgers

MEADOWS - I am looking for information on a Joel Meador/Meadows (Medder) who was born abt. 1702, married in 1737 and died before May, 17, 1777 in Amelia County. I would like to know if there was a connection to the Meador family of Essex county. I need to know the father of this "Old Joel" as he is called in genealogy. Any information would be appreciated. Apr 15, 1998 - 15:09 - From: - Victor Lyle Meadows

WILLIAMS - I would like to know if Philip Williams had relatives in the neighboring Prince Edward County area. I have an Edward Williams and I can't connect him to anyone else. Edward Williams is mentioned in Thomas D. Williams, Sr.'s death notice in Prince Edward County as being Thomas' father and being from Henrico County, but I can't seem to locate him in Henrico. Could Edward be from Amelia and connected to the Williames in Amelia? I have tons of information on the Williamses of Prince Edward, Appomattox, etc. counties and am willing to share. Thanks! Apr 15, 1998 - 15:12 - From: - Victor Lyle Meadows

- PAYNE, SCOTT. Trying to find parents of William PAYNE and Sarah SCOTT who m. bef. 1815; their daughter, Ann Virginia PAYNE b.1 Feb.1815 at "Eight Oaks" Amelia Co. VA; m. 17 Oct.1834 in Caswell Co.NC Albert Gallatin McGEHEE; Ann Virginia d. 9 July 1848 in Lowndes Co AL; ch: Thomas Preston St. Clair, Marcellus Benjamin, Virginia Alice, Ann Payne, and Harriet Edward McGEHEE. Rae Venble Calvert P O Box 1425 Pearland TX 77588-1425. Apr 16, 1998 - 09:17 - From: -

PAYNE, SCOTT, McGEHEE - PAYNE, SCOTT. Trying to find parents of William PAYNE and Sarah SCOTT who m. bef. 1815; their daughter, Ann Virginia PAYNE b.1 Feb.1815 at "Eight Oaks" Amelia Co. VA; m. 17 Oct.1834 in Caswell Co.NC Albert Gallatin McGEHEE; Ann Virginia d. 9 July 1848 in Lowndes Co AL; ch: Thomas Preston St. Clair, Marcellus Benjamin, Virginia Alice, Ann Payne, and Harriet Edward McGEHEE. Rae Venble Calvert P O Box 1425 Pearland TX 77588-1425. Apr 16, 1998 - 09:18 - From: - Rae Venable Calvert

BRANNAN, CROUCHER - The will of Dorothy Croucher was recorded in Amelia County on Sept.26, 1754. Her husband had died in 1740 in Richmond County, Va. Dorothy's executor was Thomas Brannan, her son-in-law. Has anyone seen any other references in Amelia County to Thomas Brannan, Dorothy Croucher, or perhaps her son William Croucher? Apr 19, 1998 - 20:51 - From: - Sue Brannan Plaster

DEJARNETTE - DEJARNETTE- Daniel, SR. died 1755 Nottaway Parish. Looking for any information on him and family members . Family originated in Gloucester Co., VA Apr 19, 1998 - 23:57 - From: - Annette

HUTCHISON - Researching: James Hutchi(n)son b. 1782 +/- in VA, wife Catherine, daughter Sarah b. in VA before moving to SC. Bob Hutchinson Apr 22, 1998 - 21:50 - From: - Bob Hutchinson

VAUGHAN-HASKINS - My third Great Grandparents were married in Amelia County on Feb. 23, 1839. His name was Edgar Adolphus Vaughan. Hers was Mary Ann Haskins. She may also have had another middle name: "Page". Does anyone have any further info as to either of the above, particularly their parentage? Apr 24, 1998 - 18:54 - From: - MARK SHEPHERD

WOOSLEY - WOOSLEY - Looking for any and all information on Thomas Woosley and wife Elizabeth Walters whose four sons enlisting in Revolutionary War gave Amelia County as home county. By Dale Woosley, Natchez, MS Apr 28, 1998 - 16:12 - From: - R. Dale Woosley

HARRIS - Harris,Robert Joseph, a.k.a. B.J., born March 15, 1978/1979? was killed while hunting in the Amelia area. My daughter went to school with BJ and we were living in another state when this tragedy happened. BJ was her first love and she would like to visit his grave. If you know where he is buried, please forward the cemetary name and location. My daughter wants him to know that she still cares and misses him. Thank you. Apr 28, 1998 - 18:35 - From: - Cierra S. Yerta-Brinkman

RIDLEY, BUTLER, WINGO, DRINKWATER, PENEL, JAMES - Seeking information on parents & siblings of George Ridley, b. 1737, and mentioned in the will of John Butler of Amelia Co. in 1759. John Butler bequeathed his nephew, George Ridley, 100 acres on Stocks Creek and his gun. John Butler also mentions his sister, Sarah Butler Drinkwater, and nephews, Josiah Drinkwater, John Wingo, Price Butler Penel, and wife, Martha. George Ridley sld this land to Thomas James of Ameilia Co. in Aug. 1772. Butler's widow, Martha, married Thomas James after Butler's death. Any information much appreciated. Apr 28, 1998 - 19:41 - From: - Janie Ridley Bice

BAUGH, WALTHALL - Baugh, Walthall - Seeking any information on Bartlett Baugh. His sister Betty (Elizabeth), married to William Walthall. Bartlett was from Chesterfield Co. In 1765 Bartlett gave gift to William Walthall on behalf of his sister. Believe Bartlett may have moved to Amelia at a later date. Possibly moved to Campbell Co., Va. at some time. May 5, 1998 - 17:38 - From: - Nell Henderson

JEANS/JANES - I am looking for information about Thomas JEANS (JANES) who was in the March 1750 Amelia Co. Court Records. Was his son David Jean (Janes) who served in the Virginia Continental Line? David's wife Betty (Elizabeth) is listed in Charlotte Co., VA, requesting assistance while David is in the Rev. War. Any information on the Jeans/Janes family will be appreciated. May 7, 1998 - 15:46 - From: - Margaret Mathies

BAUGH, WALSH - Am looking for siblings/parents of Archibald Bolen(Boland)BAUGH (b. ca 1792, VA, Co is ?) and Caroline E. WALSH (b. ca 1800-1810). They were married Feb 16, 1827 in Richmond. Moved directly to Lawrence Co MO ca 1837, having last lived in Amelia Co. Had five chidren in VA, Benjamin, Amaliza Prissy, Mariah, Sarah F. and Andrew Jackson. Two in Mo, George Henry and William Edward. Unconfirmed by direct connection family stories of ancestor Thomas Baugh coming over on the Mayflower's companion ship the "Supply". Have information on Archibald's descendants. Thanks in advance. Janet Hunter, Alexandria, VA May 7, 1998 - 18:36 - From: - Janet Hunter

MAHON/MAHAN - Is anyone researching the Mahon/Mahan family in Amelia County before 1800? Would like to trade info. Some of these people went into Pittsylvania County. May 13, 1998 - 23:38 - From: - Linda Stufflebean

DEARIEN, DEAREN, DEERING - Richard DEAREN, William DEAREN, John Deering, in the late 1700s. William Dearen, Sr. Md. (1) ? (2)Elizabeth DICKERSON md. 1814. May 17, 1998 - 20:23 - From: - Pat White

POLLARD - I am trying to find out information on a Robert Pollard married to a Mahalia Chapman in 1812---they had 7 sons and at least one daughter. They moved to Adair Co. KY sometime in the 1840's. Hoping to find out Robert's father & mother's names. There were 3 or 4 Robert Pollards in Amelia census of 1830 & 1840 and I can not distinguish between them unless I know their kids names--but of course those censuses do not give names of children. May 19, 1998 - 12:28 - From: - Carol Mills

HOLT - Holt, Thomas b. 8 July 1753 Amelia Co, VA Married Charlotte Lucy Blackbourne 12 Oct 1780 Children: Thomas Blackbourne (1781-1850) Henry C. (1787-?? Susanna (1790-??) Need information about these Holts May 20, 1998 - 15:31 - From: - Michele Wollert

WARREN, HALL, BOOKER, GOULDER - WARREN, Robert E. born circa 1825. Married 1) Rebecca Hall (dau. of Thomas B. Hall and Elizabeth Ann Booker) 1853 Amelia County, VA. He married 2) Mary J. Goulder in Amelia County, VA. Any information on the above would be appreciated. May 21, 1998 - 21:39 - From: - Mildred and Irvin Flinn

WRIGHT - William Wright, listed 1810 Amelia Co. Census may be the father of Enoch Wright b. 1805 VA. Would love to hear from anyone with any information on this Wright family. May 22, 1998 - 16:17 - From: - Vera L. Wimberly

COUNCIL, PLEDGER - Amelia Co. Query: Seeking parents of Henry Council b. ca. 1680 do not know wife's name, he had son Henry Jr. b. 1712 married Elizabeth Pledger and moved to South Carolina. Any help appreciated. May 25, 1998 - 11:31 - From: - Anne Lewellen

LEA/LAY - Trying to find info on an ancestor FRANCIS LEA (LAY). Could he be related to the Lea family of Amelia County ? FRANCIS LEA was born circa 1766 in Virginia and died circa 1837 in Madison County, KY. Had sons named John, Johnson, Green, Lewis and Elijah. Believe he married NANCY BOWCOCK, daughter of ELIJAH BOWCOCK. JOHN LEA, my ancestor had a son named WILLIAM DUDLEY LEA. Seems more than just a coincidence. May 26, 1998 - 23:56 - From: - Sreve Thrasher

PENDLETON - I'm looking for PENDLETONS in the 1700's and early 1800's. Jim Pendleton May 27, 1998 - 21:42 - From: - Robert James Pendleton Rjpconan

FOSTER - Searching for a family of FOSTERS who left Amelia Co. for SC before 1752. Their son JOHN born in SC that year is my earliest FOSTER. Apparently some from the same family came to SC after the Rev. War. Any help would be most appreciated. May 27, 1998 - 23:40 - From: - Greg Foster

NUGEN - Any history of Nugen family in Amelia? 1700's May 29, 1998 - 17:29 - From: - J Bragg

WRIGHT - WRIGHT, Wm. who is listed on the 1820 Amelia Co. VA Census may be the father of my Enoch Wright, b. ca 1805. Would love to hear from anyone who might verify this. Thak you. May 30, 1998 - 00:35 - From: - Vera Meek Wimberly

HASKINS, VAUGHAN - Looking for parents of Edwin Adolphus Vaughan and Mary Haskins m. 02-23-1839 in Amelia County. 1850 Census would indicate that Edwin Vaughan was born abt. 1817 and that Mary Haskins was born abt. 1824 in Amelia County. May 31, 1998 - 16:12 - From: - Mark Shepherd

THOMAS - Looking for Henry Thomas born Amelia County 1735. Need parents etc anything. He moved to Halifax County later. Jun 2, 1998 - 07:27 - From: - Mary Jane Thomas Stokes

LEWIS, JONES, JOHNS, WALKER - I am searching for Griffin Lewis who was in Amelia C. in 1760's and a p[ossible connection with Thomas Lewis and William Lewis-- associated names might be Jones, Johns and Walker. Both Griffin Lewis and Thomas Lewis were in Campbell c. in 1782. Jun 4, 1998 - 08:35 - From: - Dick Lewis

BOTTOM/BOTTOMS - I am very interested in any information concerning the Thomas BOTTOM(s) family of Amelia County since Thomas was one of my great grandfathers of my direct line.( a long way back to be sure)I am especially interested in finding the maiden name of his first wife,Rebecca who was the mother of his children of whom Micajah was one. Thank you. Ruth Bottom Antle Jun 6, 1998 - 18:12 - From: - Ruth Antle

JONES - Searching for information concerning ARCHER JONES b. ca. 1773, married to FRANCIS BRANCH SCOTT 1793 son of Peter Jones (cousin to the Peter Jones of Petersburg fame)I am attempting to determine if this Archer is the same as was in NC in 1794 and then went to GA about 1800. Esp interested in information concerning their son BRANCH OSBORNE JONES. Jun 7, 1998 - 06:41 - From: - Bob Jones

LEWIS, WALKER, JONES - We are looking for the parents of Thomas LEWIS who was born c. 1745 probably in Amelia C. There may have been an association with Griffin LEWIS there and maybeWALKER and JONES families. Jun 9, 1998 - 17:34 - From: - Dick Lewis

OAKLEY - I am look for information concerning James Oakley born in Amelia County, VA in either 1755 or 1758. I am interested in parent information also. Jun 10, 1998 - 09:37 - From: - Kevin Hunter

HOOD, KING, WILLS - I'm searching for information on my GGG grandfather, Gardner HOOD. He was born in Amelia County,Va. in 1799. I would like to find his parents,and family. He married,Rebecca KING July 31,1824 in Halifax County,N.C.. There's also lised in my line a Permelia W. HOOD who married a Alexander WILLS of Dinwiddle County,VA. Any information on this family will be greatly appreciated ! Jun 11, 1998 - 00:40 - From: - Nancy Hernandez

YARBOROUGH - Searching for any info. on Thomas and Joshua Yarborough In Amelia Co., VA in the 1700's. Jun 12, 1998 - 17:23 - From: - Dorothy Y. Embry

TUCKER, EPPS - I am searching for the TUCKER family of Amelia Co. VA. My ggggggrandfather was Daniel Tucker born in 1740 in Amelia Cty, VA. He married Frances Epps from Dinwiddie Cty,VA. They moved to South Carolina where they prospered and died. I would appreciate any information on Daniiel Tucker's parents, siblings, etc. or any information on Frances Epps. I would be happy to share any information I have. FYI, this is the Reverend Daniel Tucker of the folk song "Old Dan Tucker" who ran a ferryboat service across the Savannah River. Jun 14, 1998 - 17:18 - From: - Tracy Owen Umfleet

KELLISON - Researching the Kellison family of Amelia Cty, Va. Have found a land grant given to a John Kellison and Mary Kellison, marriage statis not shown, of 50 acres each in the late 1700's. It gives their origin of England for him and Scotland for her. The next location we find family members in is Bath Cty, Va. Trying to connect all the branches, working with 5 other family researchers in Ky, Fl, Tx, Ca, Oh. Jun 16, 1998 - 21:51 - From: - Jane Kellison Helms

THOMAS - I am looking for birth records for Bernard A. Seay listed at age 19 on the 1860 census records and as 20 years of age when he enlisted in the Confederate Army in April of 1861. Believe he was born in Amelia in 1841, one record shows 1847. Have a newspaper obituary, undated, detailing his life, he died at age 51 in Christian County, Kentucky on January 29, 1892. The article was by a J.H. Seay and under that is typed Morven Amelia. Is this a newspaper? Can anyone help me in locating birth records from 1841/1847 Amelia/Henrico County etc., and in identifying the source of the obituary clipping? Jeanette M. Thomas Jun 19, 1998 - 14:56 - From: - Jeanette M. Thomas

AVARY, DRAPER - Looking for maiden name of Elizabeth who married John W. Avary of Amelia Co., VA. I have one old note, no documention, she was daughter of Solomon Draper. John and Elizabeth moved to Missouri in 1830. He was born in Amelia in 1796, son of Nathan Avary and Elizabeth Williams. She was born in 1800. Both died in St. Louis Co., MO. Children were Jane, Sarah, John Edward, Nancy and Mary Avary Jun 19, 1998 - 17:21 - From: - Craig Kilby

FAGG - Information about: Thomas Fagg died 1785 Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, VA Children: William Fagg John Fagg Mary Ann Fagg Jun 20, 1998 - 18:18 - From: - Errol W. Fagg

SEAY\BRADDOCK - I am attempting to trace the family of Asa H. Braddock and Nancy Seay. Nancy apparently was born in Amelia Co, the daughter of Bernard Seay and Sarah (last name unknown). The family moved to Chickawas Co. MS prior to 1840. Bernard and Sarah had other children, including John L. Seay, James Madison Seay, Mary Jane Seay, Martha Seay, and perhaps another named Elizabeth Seay. In searching World Family Tree, I found a Bernard Seay of Amelia Co. who was the son of Moses Seay and Elizabeth Luck. However, the date of birth for Bernard is listed as Nov. 24, 1769, which varies by 7 years from information from Chickasaw Co., MS. If anyone has information about the family of Nancy and Bernard Seay I would appreciate hearing from you. I will be happy to share information with you. Don Trahan Jun 21, 1998 - 19:20 - From: - Don Trahan

JACKSON - I am searching for information on Claiborn Jackson. He was listed in the l8l0 Amelia Co. census. Jun 26, 1998 - 19:56 - From: - MaryAnn Theiss

DIXON - Seeking information on William DIXON born in Amelia Co., VA. He had a son William DIXON II b. 22 Apr 1784 who later moved to Allen Co., KY. Any information would be appreciated. Betty Raines Jun 27, 1998 - 11:49 - From: - Betty Raines

RUDD - Am checking for Vernon Rudd b.1872 married to Mary Crone b.May 1880, In information received from Buddy Rudd 6/29 believed to have been married in Amelia County, Va. date (unk). Thanks for any information, it would be very helpful. Martin Rudd Greenbrier County Rainelle WV 25962 Jun 30, 1998 - 00:36 - From: - Martin E Rudd

RAY, FLOYD - Searching Amelia Co, Virginia for ancestors and descendants of John RAY,(s/o of Benjamin RAY), b.1789 across from Lynchburg, Virginia on James River? d.abt 1857 Auburn, Lincoln Co, Missouri married abt?1815? across from Lynchburg, VA Frances FLOYD,(d/o Thomas FLOYD). Thank you, Beverly Himes BARGER in NM Jun 30, 1998 - 20:55 - From: - Beverly Himes BARGER

HURT - I am looking for a William Hurt born between 1755-1770. 1)William Hurt(b.1755-1770)*m* Lucy ?(1796) a)Jackson Hurt(b.1825) b)Sally c)Elizabeth"Betty" d)Robert e)William f)Andrew g)(not sure)Harriett(Hurt) Possibly other children. Can't remember. If anyone has any information on this William Lucy or family please EMAIL ME!!!!!!!! Jul 1, 1998 - 17:08 - From: - Mirya Glover

MANN, JOHNS - Is one of the Robert Manns listed in the Amelia Tax Titheables 1736-1771 the same Robert with son Robert who was in SC and whose son James (Rbt II) married Judith Johns and died in GA? Jul 3, 1998 - 09:10 - From: - Lillie B. Ruby

JOLLY, WHEELER - I am looking for information on Dudley Jolly. He enlisted in the militia in Amelia Co. in 1756. He had one son William b. 1765 who married Nancy WHEELER b.1785. Jul 5, 1998 - 11:14 - From: - Sharon Miller Sagon

SMITH - Looking for parents, spouse and children of William Thornton Smith, who had land holdings in the Amelia County, Va. area in the 1740-1749 timeframe. His wife was Anne Smith, who later married George Smith. I think his father was John Smith of Gloucester County, Va. but not sure of this!! Also, think he had son named Charles Smith of Amelia and Halifax county. Charles either married or lived with Elizabeth Hendrick(s). Can't find marriage record for Ch/Eliza. Elizabeth was daughter of John Hendrick(s), son of Hans Hendricks of Amelia County. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jul 8, 1998 - 22:22 - From: - J. lLARRY SMITH USSLARRY@AOL.COM

SMITH, CLEMENTS, CLEMMON, BRADSHAW, JOHNSON, PURYEAR, APLIN, APPLING, ROYSTER, BLANKS - Thomas APLIN of Amelia Co, VA bought land from Jacob WINFREE in Granville, Co NC Jan 1772. Thomas had siblings from his mother and a "Mr CLEMENTS. Elizabeth CLEMENTS md Thomas SMITH . They lived and died in Lunenburg Co, VA. Peggy CLEMENTS md John BRADSHAW. Martha CLEMENTS md Reuben JOHNSON and William CLEMENTS. Thomas mother md William PURYEAR. They had children John , Robert, William and Sally who md William ROYSTER. Thomas sister Mary APPLING md Joseph BLANKS interested in all families. Jul 9, 1998 - 18:34 - From: - Diane Y. Smith Royer

FOSTER , HILL - Seeking information on a William FOSTER, Sr, and a William FOSTER, Jr. who were in Amelia Co. VA in 1782 and 1785. They were possibly the same two William FOSTERs (Sr.&Jr.) who were in Spartanburg Co. SC in 1790. It is thought that a William HILL may have married a sister of a William FOSTER of Amelia Co. VA, and they had a son William Foster HILL of Greenville Co. SC (1799). Any info on FOSTER/HILL connections from Amelia Co. VA to Spartanburg/Greenville Co. SC would be appreciated. Contact: Byron Hill, P.O. Box 120603, Nashville, TN 37212. Jul 12, 1998 - 07:57 - From: - Byron Hill

RUDD - I am searching for Clifford Vernon Rudd and his father Vernon Clifford Rudd who was married to Mary Crone in late 1800s. Clifford Vernon was my father who was born in September 1918. I would so much appreciate anyone having information on the Rudds from Amelia County. I would really like to link these Rudds with others. Thank You. Martin Rudd Jul 26, 1998 - 20:41 - From: - Martin E Rudd

COLEMAN, HINTON, DRAPER, PALMER - I am looking for any info on ROBERT COLEMAN and his wife ANN HINTON. Robert was the son of WILLIAM COLEMAN and FAITH (GODFREY) from Charles City Co., VA. and Amelia Co., VA. Robert Coleman was born c 1710. He seems to have moved to Lunenburg Co. c 1754 and the Union District, SC c 1768. Families associated with these Colemans were HINTON, PALMER, DRAPER. Jul 27, 1998 - 23:08 - From: - Lorna Cudney

SUDBURY/SUDBERRY WILSON or WOODSON VADEN MOORE - Hi all I am looking for a John Sudbury (possibly Sudberry) Jr. who was born in Amelia County, Va. He married Martha Vaden who was born in 1777 in Dale Parish, Henrico County, who was the daughter of Lodwick Vaden and Mary Moore. Can anyone tell me when this man was born and died. I believe his parents to be John Sudbury, who was born after 1740 in Henrico County. The elder John married Sally Wilson or Woodson and had four known children. The elder John died in 1809. Jul 28, 1998 - 13:08 - From: - Laura Sanders

DRAPER, COLEMAN, PALMER - I am looking for a THOMAS DRAPER who was born in N. Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA. re 1733. Who migrated to Amelia Co. re 1755 and then Lunenburg Co., VA. and then to Union District, SC. re 1760's. He md a LUCY (COLEMAN?) probably in Lunenburg Co. I am really looking for a marriage bond on these two. Lucy is believed to have been the daughter of ROBERT COLEMAN of Amelia Co., VA. Any info would be of help. Jul 28, 1998 - 21:47 - From: - Lorna Cudney


COLEMAN, BEVILL - Seeking information about the children of Archer COLEMAN and Liza BEVILL who were married in Amelia Co, VA, on 29 Dec 1787. Will exchange info with all. Thanks! Aug 4, 1998 - 22:43 - From: - Stephen Moody

MONGOLE/MONGOLD, MOORE - Looking for information on JAMES MONGOLE b.1840-41 and his wife MARY MOORE b. 1837-38. JAMES MONGOLE and MARY MOORE got married on Oct. 30, 1860 in Smyth Co. Va. On Sept. 14, 1861 JAMES MONGOLE enlisted in the Confederate Army Co. A, 23 Battalion. The 1870 and 1880 census show them living in Amelia County Va. with 3 children, LUCY MONGOLE, CHARLES MONGOLE and JOHN WILLIAM MONGOLE. Thanks for any help. Please contact Terry Mongole at Aug 8, 1998 - 18:37 - From: - Terry Mongole

JACKSON - Jackson, Joseph. Received 18th c. land grant in Amelia. Interested in corresponding with those interested in 18th century VA Joseph Jacksons. Aug 9, 1998 - 20:20 - From: - Charles S. Miller

POLLARD, CHAPMAN, STERN, BUTLER - Looking for info on Robert POLLARD and Mahalia CHAPMAN, they married in 1812 in Amelia Co., VA. Their son Joseph Hill POLLARD married Martha BUTLER, daughter of Creed BUTLER and Parthena STERN, married 1830 Amelia Co., VA. Don't know parents of Robert POLLARD. Mahalia is the dau of Benjamin and Lucy CHAPMAN. Any info on any of these families would be appreciated. Jeanne Weaver, #27 Timbervalley, Petersburg, IL 62675. Aug 10, 1998 - 23:33 - From: - Jeanne Weaver

WORSHAM - I am researching the Worshams of Henrico and Amelia Co., VA. and their link to William Worsham of England (1600-1660) and his wife Elizabeth. Any information you can share with me is greatly appreciated. Thank You...... David L. Worsham Aug 11, 1998 - 17:33 - From: - David L. Worsham

EGGLESTON, DUPUY - Seek descendants of R. B. Eggleston and Elvira Dupuy. He was Col, CSA. Would like to share genealogical information. Aug 12, 1998 - 09:44 - From: - Martin L DePoy II

STOKER, ALLEN, DAWSON - STOKER: 1723-1783 - Ameilia Co VA - Would like to correspond with anyone researching the Stoker family of Amelia Co. I am descended from Robert Stoker (III?) and his wife, Sarah Elizabeth (Bet or Betty) Allen (?) who moved to Montgomery Co NC betwen 1783 and 1790. This Robert's brother Matthew Stoker and his sons, Nail and Robert (IV) moved to Edgefield Co SC, where Robert served in the Revolutionary War. This Robert married Mary Dawson in Amelia Co VA records. The sons of Bob and Bet of Montgomery Co NC, moved to AL, GA, TN, and TX. Their daughters married Carter brothets and stayed in Montgomery Co NC. I would appreciate any help with this family. Will correspond and exchange information. Aug 12, 1998 - 18:13 - From: - Sherlene Rogers Baab

FOWLKES, RICHARDSON - Am searching for birth and death date of Amey FOWLKES RICHARDSON. Marriage to Ruler RICHARDSON, Amelia Co.,VA 15 January 1789. They were living in Nottoway Co. when they died. His death was between Jan. & June 1807 and hers in 1829. Would like to know where they are buried.The children I have listed are from his will which said his younger children-Thomas, Jane W., Anna and Grief RICHARDSON. Aug 14, 1998 - 19:25 - From: - Pat Tausch

JANES - Looking for a JANES living in Amelia Co., VA. about mid 1700's to early 1800's. Any info will be appreciated, thank you, Beth Leney Aug 15, 1998 - 01:20 - From: - Beth Leney

ROBERTS, BALDWIN, SPAIN, HUDSON - Looking for information concerning the family of JOHN ROBERTS, his brother THOMAS ROBERTS, and JOHN'S wife, SARAH BALDWIN, and their nine children and their spouses: WILLIAM ROBERTS, JOHN ROBERTS, THOMAS ROBERTS, JAMES ROBERTS, ALEXANDER ROBERTS, SAMUEL ROBERTS, SARAH ROBERTS,JACOB ROBERTS & MADELINE HUDSON, ABIGAL ROBERTS & DAVID SPAIN. All from Amelia County and Prince Edward County, Va. Aug 15, 1998 - 21:47 - From: - Steve Roberts

HITE, HIGHT, ROBERTS, GREGORY - Hite-Hight-Roberts-Gregory----John and Alexander Roberts b. ca 1740, Vincent Gregory, Rachal Hite Roberts w/o John Roberts dec 1790, Mecklenburg Co Aug 17, 1998 - 14:12 - From: - Charles Hite

TUCKER - Godfrey Tucker was living in Amelia Co. about 1782. Who were his children? Aug 21, 1998 - 23:40 - From: - Barbara Martin

SUBLETT - I am trying to locate information on Peter and Nancy Sublett, whose son Thomas Carey Sublett was born in Amelia County 15 Dec. 1822. Thomas had a much older sister, Harriett, born about 1807, and possibly brothers: Smith C. Sublett,Chastain Sublett, and Edmund W. Sublett. Peter Sublett may have had the middle initial D. Nancy's maiden name is Unknown. Aug 23, 1998 - 19:30 - From: - Carolyn S. Burch

NIPPER - Looking for information parents etc., on an A. P. NIPPER born about 1848 in VA to TN had son Walter Henry NIPPER 1868 Aug 24, 1998 - 23:36 - From: - Ron Johnson

BRAZEAL, FRAYSER, MUMFORD - I am interested in information about the family of John H. Brazeal m. E.Mumford 1800, his parents, their children. Any Brazeal or Frayser descendants, please e-mail me. Aug 26, 1998 - 17:20 - From: - Donna Carol Browning

TUCKER, BUNTON/BURTON, TANNER - I'm trying to find the place of birth, etc., of John Tucker, born in 1759 in VA, emigrated to KY in the early 1800's; married Martha (Patsy) Bunton or Burton in VA; son Thompson Tucker, born in VA in 1805 married Mary (Polly) Tanner in KY (daughter of William Tanner and Rachel Potts. Aug 27, 1998 - 12:19 - From: - C. Larry Tracy

SOWELL and JOHNSON - Thomas SOWELL married Oney JOHNSON in Amelia County, Va. in 1757. Need names of Thomas' and Oney's PARENTS, and also the names of their CHILDREN. Thanks. Bob Hancock E-Mail: Aug 28, 1998 - 22:04 - From: - Bob Hancock

NOBLE - austin noble married frances foster 1802 allison burton noble married lucy foster abt 1842 Aug 29, 1998 - 09:21 - From: - wilma noble williams

WEBSTER, WORSHAM, FOSTER, WRIGHT, BOOKER, BEVILL, GIBBS, COUSINS - There was a Prydes Church in Amelia County in the mid 1700's. Is it still in existence and if so, what is the address? If not, then where could I find the records? Is there a Revolutionary War Militia List for Amelia County? If so, where could I find it? Aug 29, 1998 - 13:55 - From: - Mary Margaret Selig-Trahan

LUMPKIN - Seeking clues as to the identity and history of Moore LUMPKIN who m. Kitty RICHARDSON on 27 Dec 1829 in Pittsylvania Co. Moore enlisted for Revolutionary War service in Amelia Co. I have a copy of his service record. Would appreciate hearing from anyone researching a Moore LUMPKIN. Thanks. Aug 31, 1998 - 14:38 - From: - peg price

WATTS, WADE - Amelia Co.: Sarah WATTS, b c 1750, d Aug. 1824, daughter of James "Jimmie" WATTS and wife Rachel. Was James originally from Hanover Co.? Would like info on this couple. Sarah m Ballenger WADE and moved to Cumberland Co. Va. Sep 1, 1998 - 01:02 - From: - Katharine E. Harbury

FARISS/FARIS - I am looking for anyone Fariss. John Fariss was listed in the Buckingham Co 1860 census but his whereabouts prior to that, parents and siblings are still a mystery. I would greatly appreciate any help and will happily share info. Sep 2, 1998 - 00:14 - From: - Kathy

RUSSELL, GREEN, LIGHT, WOOD, AND HALLOWELL - Am searching for any information on the name William Russell in Amelia Co. ca. 1757. References to sur names such as Green, Light, Wood and Hallowell seem tohave intermarried with the Russells and each other. Many of these people were very old names dating back to late 1600-early 1700's in an around the area. Any information on William Russell would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sue Sep 4, 1998 - 13:00 - From: - Sue Russell Philipak

VAUGHN, ROBERTS, FARRAR, BRANCH, HENDRICK, HILL, CLAYBROOK, CLEMENT, TANNER - On 12 May 1760, Robert VAUGHN deeded land for a Presbyterian meeting house from his land grant of 24 Mar. 1740, lower side of Flatt Creek, Raleigh Parish. Grantees (elders?) on behalf of church were John ROBERTS, Peter FARRAR, Benj. BRANCH, Benj. HENDRICK, James HILL, Hance HENDRICK, Obadiah & Peter CLAYBROOK, Simon CLEMENT, Joseph & Joel TANNER. I have location of Robert Vaughn's grant on Amelia land grant map, and would like to learn name of this church, then try to get early records. Does anyone know anything about this church? Many thanks. Sep 7, 1998 - 15:47 - From: - Sue Harris

WATERS, WHITWORTH, MORRIS - James WATERS' will was probated 27 Sept. 1753, Amelia. His children were Mary WHITWORTH, John, Mary Ann Hughes, Catherine MORRIS, William, Rhoda & Mourning. Who were husbands of his daughters Mary WHITWORTH & Catherine MORRIS? Many thanks - glad to share. Sep 7, 1998 - 16:22 - From: - Sue Harris

CLAYBROOK, WHITWORTH, WHITLOCK, KERR, OWEN, DEATON - Peter CLAYBROOK's will probated 27 Sept. 1798, and wife Mary's will probated 22 Oct. 1801, Amelia. Lived between Flatt Creek & Appamattox River. Neither named all their children in wills. Known children: John; Elizabeth m John WHITWORTH; William m Amelia WHITLOCK; Molly m John KERR; Martha m James Clark OWEN; Exonie; Lucia; Imperan m George DEATON; Charles. Was Obadiah also a son? He & Peter were elders of a Presby. Church south side Flatt Creek, for which Robt Vaughn deeded land 1760. Think Peter came from King William, with others from that area. Is anyone working on CLAYBROOK? Many thanks - glad to share. Sep 7, 1998 - 16:28 - From: - Sue Harris

GREENHILL - Where can I go to find birth - death records in Amelia County for the 1700 & 1800s? Sep 7, 1998 - 20:39 - From: - Wm. Forrest Crain

HASTINS, HASTINGS, WORSHAM - William HASTINS/HASTINGS' will probated Sept 1786, Amelia, and wife Sarah's will written 1799, Amelia. They had a daughter named Sarah WORSHAM Hastins. What was the Worsham connection? Any help greatly appreciated. Sep 8, 1998 - 14:14 - From: - Sue Harris

CLEMENT - If you are a descendant of or are researching William CLEMENT (d. ca 1760 Amelia County, VA) OR Captain Benjamin CLEMENT (b. ca 1705 - d. ca 1780 Pittsylvania County, VA) whose wife was Susannah HILL, you are hereby invited to join the CLEMENT-Benjamin-L mail list. The CLEMENT-Benjamin-L list is a discussion area for anyone who has an interest in genealogy or history related to the ancestors or descendants of Captain Benjamin CLEMENT (ca 1705 - 1780) and his wife Susannah HILL of Clement Hill, Pittsylvania County, Virginia. This list is also a forum for the discussion, sharing of information and research collaboration relating to the ancestry and all descendants of William CLEMENT (d. ca 1760 Amelia County, VA) and allied families. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to: (for individual messages) or (for a digest of multiple messages) In the body include only one word: subscribe Turn OFF your signature file when sending this command We look forward to having you joining us. Sep 9, 1998 - 12:45 - From: - Marna L. Clemons

SELF - I'm working on the John SELF line b. 1762 Amelia Co. VA. I have quite a lot of info from his birth forward but unable to get verification of his parents. John Self fought in the Rev War and then moved from VA to KY. Looking for his father that can be traced by document. Thanks, Sep 10, 1998 - 11:22 - From: - Joan D. Garvey

CLEMENT - I'm trying to sort out the two Clement lines in Amelia co. VA in the mid-1700's. I don't think my Clement line is related to the Clement line of Benjamin or William (the Clementtown line) but the two lines follow the same migration path. Can you help me separate or connect the two? Mary Clement Douglass My line: immigrant is unknown at this time, although the family may have come either from Surry or Gloucester co. VA John Clement d. Hanover co. VA 1749, m. Isabel, children: Simon m, (1)Susannah, (2)Mary Pridham Wright; John m. Mary; Stephan m. Elizabeth; William. John's will was witnessed by Blackmore Hughes, Francis Terry, George Austin. Children in order of mention in the will. Simon, b. ca 1730, processioning land in 1751, St. Paul's Parish, Hanover co. VA, m by 1760 to Susannah, bought or inherited land in Amelia co. by 1760. This 150 acres lying in the fork of Mayses Branch, was bounded by land owned by John Drinkwater, Henry Farley. In a 1760 deed between Robert Vaughn and members of the Presbyterian congregation,Simon is listed as a member of that congregation. He is listed on the 1762 tax roll taken by Thos. Tabb, Raleigh parish. In 1778 Simon and Susanna sold Micajah Maddra 234 acres in Amelia co. Va adj. Flat Creek bounded by the lines of Benjamin Lockett, William Ford, Josiah Jackson and Francis Jackson, being same land that said Clement purchased from Edith Cobbs, executrix of will of Samuel Cobbs Sr. dec'd. Simon in Granville co. NC, Knap of Reeds area before 1776. Simon married (2) Mary Pridham Wright 1783. It is from this union I descend through their son William. Sep 12, 1998 - 11:47 - From: - Mary Clement Douglass

LEWIS - LEWIS, William 1747-1822 Horsepen Creek, Nottoway Parish, 1780's. Son of John Lewis of same area, known as Murray's Quarter. John died in 1784 and estate divided between Joseph Lewis and William Lewis. Both sold and Joseph was already in Prince George's and William in Pittsylvania. There was a third brother Wilson, younger, bound out. ANY INFO HELPFUL. Looking for mother, and any siblings of above. Believe there was another brother named John Smith Lewis m. Rebecca Parham. Joseph m. Mildred Jackson. Trying to find father of John, father of William,Jsoeph and Wilson as well. Any help appreciated. KarenWood Sep 13, 1998 - 14:48 - From: - Karen Wood

HOLT - HOLT, Plunkett, b. 1726 Amelia Co/Nottoway Co VA d. 1789 in Prince Edward Co Va. m. Ann ______. Need name of wife, and any other info. Happy to share info. Son John F. m. Harriett Meloney is 5th Ggrandfather Sep 13, 1998 - 14:53 - From: - Karen Wood

ALLEN - I am looking for information on Martha S. ALLEN born in Virginia 12 April 1819. Her mother, Patty ALLEN died in Amelia County probably in 1854. Sep 14, 1998 - 22:11 - From: - Brad Collard

DAWSON JONES - I am looking for more information on Samuel Dawson, Born in Amelia County, Virginia. Married Martha Jones Jan. 16, 1756. Also, would like to find more information on Martha Jones, ddaughter of Thomas Jones. Sep 19, 1998 - 08:50 - From: - Jack Green

BEAVER - Revolutionary War soldier and pensioner Jeremiah BEAVER of Caswell Co NC deposed that he had been born on 19 May 1757 in Amelia Co VA, son of a William BEAVER. Can anyone help me find Jeremiah's BEAVER family? Thank you. Sep 20, 1998 - 09:49 - From: - Lin Van Buren

HAWKINS, GILLIAM, SMITH - I am searching for information on a Benjamin HAWKINS who in the Prince Edward Co., VA deed book #10, page 38 transfered land to his son Robert HAWKINS in 1791. Robert is thought to be born in Amelia Co., Va. in 1770 and died in Sumner Co., TN Jan 19, 1840. He was married twice - 1st to Eliz. SMITH 2nd to Sarah Frances GILLIAM, dau. of James GILLIAM and Frances HOPKINS of Prince Edw. Co., VA. Robert HAWKINS (1770-1840)and 1st sp-Elizabeth SMITH: children:John, Samuel, Benjamin,Abner Burke(1795-1828), Allen Woodson(1797-1855), Nancy(1799- ),Rebecca(1803-185), Robert[Jr.](1805- ), Joshua ) Robert Hawkins and 2nd sp-Sarah Frances GILLIAM (1778-1867)children:Frances(1809-1860), Elizabeth S.(1810-1849), James R.(1811-1881), Amy D.(1813-1840), William B. 1815- ),Charles Taylor(1817-1886), Joseph Gilliam(1818-1891),Sarah H.(1821-1847),Richard Gilliam(1821-1886), Stephen Rice Gilliam (1827-1913) Any information on these families is appreciated Sep 22, 1998 - 10:24 - From: - Freddy Brown

HULME - I'm searching for information on my Hulme ancestors, whom I believe lived for a time in Amelia Co, VA. My earliest known Hulme ancestor was William Hulme. While I have no birth/death dates for him, I suspect that he would have been born in the late 1600s or early 1700s. His mother's name was Ann, but I don't have a maiden name. His wife was named Mary, but again, I have no maiden name. His son was also William Hulme. He died in 1778 in Montgomery Co, NC. His wife was Elizabeth, but again, no maiden name. He had three sons -- George, William and Robert. All three settled in Williamson Co, TN about 1800. My line comes through Robert Hulme and his third wife, Susan Beard Stockett. Robert Hulme died on 7 July 1844, in Williamson Co. His daughter, Elizabeth Hulme, married Joshua W. Pearre. This couple are my 2-great grandparents. Any information that you can give me about this family, or directions on where to search, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Pete Hamilton Sep 22, 1998 - 11:25 - From: - Pete Hamilton

FINNEY - I'm trying to trace my ancestor Benjamin Finney, born around 1755 in VA, and who may have been married briefly to a Hannah Watkins of Amelia County. They apparently divorced prior to 1782, and she remarried John Walke(r) in 1789 in Amelia County. Benjamin may have been from either Chesterfield or Henrico Counties. Please help with details. Thanks! Sep 24, 1998 - 19:14 - From: - Paul N. Finney

BALDWIN - Looking for information on Sarah Baldwin b. aft. 1732 m. James Farley abt. 1760 in Amelia Co., Va. Her parents (supposedly) were John Baldwin and Elizabeth unk. Sarah Baldwin (Farley) died aft. 1812. Sep 25, 1998 - 12:29 - From: - Raymond w. Ryan, Jr.

CLACK - Does anyone have additional information on James CLACK who was on a deliquent tax list in Amelia Co in 1747? Sep 26, 1998 - 03:43 - From: - Edna Clack

DEATON, CORINGTON - DEATON, CORINGTON - I'm looking for information on Thomas DEATON b. abt 1679 VA and his wife Mary CORINGTON of Amelia Co, Virginia. I believe they were married here. I know of only one son and would be Interested in info on other children. I also want to know about Mary CORINGTON's parents. Sep 26, 1998 - 11:51 - From: - Kelly Summers

GRAY - Looking for any information concerning Alexander Gray. I believe he was present in this county in the early 1700,s. Sep 30, 1998 - 09:21 - From: - Jim Gray

PONTON - I am looking for information about a William Ponton, born in Amelia County on 9-19-1809. Would like to find the names of his parents Sep 30, 1998 - 11:46 - From: - Elaine Ponton

CROWDER - CROWDER, JOSEPH. In 1776 he sold 200 acres to James Jennings of Prince Edward Co. designated L225. Later Jennings sold the same 200 acres back to him. Amelia Deed book 13, pg 313 & DB 14, pg 166. This next may refer to the 2nd transaction: in Sep 1777, deed book 14, pg 162; Jennings to Joseph Crowder 200 acres laying on Wintercommack Creek. Does anyone know anything more about this Joseph Crowder? My Gr.Grandfather was Joseph Saunt Crowder, b 1854. I'm thinking the earlier Joseph could be his Grandfather, since Joseph Saunt had a farm in the general vicinity. Thanks for any help. Sep 30, 1998 - 22:58 - From: - Lois Smith

ELAM, ROWLETTE, CHEATHAM - I am searching for info on Capt. Elam's Company during Rev. War. My direct descendent Peter Rowlett(e) of Amelia served as an ensign in Capt. Elam's Company. Peter Rowlett's daughter Polly married Thomas Cheatham V in Lunenburg County on 21 Nov 1797. The Elams and Cheathams marrie a lot within each other's fammilies. any help greatly appreciated. JCC Oct 4, 1998 - 01:25 - From: - JC COlley

FINCH, FLOWERS, OLIVER, GRETHER - I am researching, FLOWERS, FINCH, OLIVER, GRETHER I have a William T Flowers married to Ann(?) Mosbey Finch m(?) John Oliver any one that has ANY info of these surnames in this county or elsewhere I'd really appreciate it. I am hitting a dead end! again thanks. Mary Oct 4, 1998 - 09:01 - From: - Mary Grether

VASSER, ATKINSON, MOOREFIELD - I am looking for the ancestors of Abraham Vasser, and the children in his family. Abraham Vasser died in Amelia Co., Va. in 1779/1780. Abraham, before his death, sold 200 acres of land to John Baldwin in 1779 After Abraham's death Nathaniel Vasser brought suite in court cocerning this land. The court awarded Nathaniel 50 acres and gave John Baldwin a Quitclaim Deed to the remaining 150 acres. For this reason it appears that Nathaniel was a son of Abraham. Would like to find out if Abraham was a descendant of John Vasser, who immigrated to Virginia in 1635, or did he immigrate. Oct 5, 1998 - 17:55 - From: - REGINALD L. VASSAR

CHAPMAN, WEATHERFORD - Query for Amelia Co., VA: Looking for info on Samuel Chapman b. 1700 & Mary? m.1732 descendants. Son John"Jack" Chapman b. 1737 in Amelia Co. m. Mary Ann Dodson. I believe Jane (Jean) Chapman b.1774 is a descendant of Samuel, she married Wm. Weatherford in 1794. Also there is a Memory Noble Chapman I would love to know more about! Oct 15, 1998 - 14:58 - From: - Judy Lander House

SNEED/SNEAD - I am looking for any records of the surname Sneed Dating from 1700's thru 1825. My name is Michael Stephen Snead and I am a Descendent of George Washington Snead born in Rockbridge County Va. in 1804. Oct 21, 1998 - 23:02 - From: - Michael Stephen Snead

PILE - I traced my g/g/g/gramps, Conrad Pile to Amelia County in a 1781 will. He had brothers James and John and the father's signing name was Godfrey Pile. I hope to gather any other information on Godfrey Pile as I'd like to find where he came from. Were Conrad married there that would be useful, too. And if "Pile" was changed from "Piel" that would be of great interest. Oct 25, 1998 - 08:09 - From: - Thomas A. Pyle

FRAZIER, FRASURE, FRASIER, CHEATHAM - Looking for any information on the birth of Aaron FRAZIER was born Abt 1788 in VA (possible Amelia County), and died Abt 1865 in TN or his brother John. It is possible they may have migrated to TN prior to 1820 with the CHEATHAM family. Oct 25, 1998 - 12:25 - From: - James R Frazier

ROBERTTON - My wife and I were in Amelia County recently, Scott's Fork to be exact. We were looking for the final resting place of General Berverly Holcombe Robertson b.1827 d. 11/12/1910. We were very close to finding General Robertson, but found he was buried on private (posted) property. I do not wish to go on someones private property without getting permission. Therefore, I would like to know if any one might possibly know who I could contact to gain pemission to visit the Robertson family cemetery. My wife and I have been to many gravesites of Generals and cemeteries getting pictures of their final resting place. This hobby evolved from our deep love of and interest in the Civil War. So if anyone could help direct me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time...Richard Bowling Oct 25, 1998 - 15:44 - From: - Richard Bowling

STEWART FELIX - Trying to find any information available on mt Grandfather, FELIX CLASTON (claxton) ? STEWART, b.April 18th,1884 in amelia co, according to bible records he also died in Amelia Co. he married EMMA(Emily)? CAROLINE ? who died in childbirth , 2nd wife was MAUDE BELLE GALYEAN, b5/17/1889, co unknown, died 3/2/1941. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Rebecca Stewart Oct 26, 1998 - 01:58 - From: - Rebecca Stewart Beaman

TALLEY - I am searching for John TALLEY, possibly from Amelia Co. VA. His daughter, Winnifred TALLEY, was born 1786 and married Thomas WILCOX 1804. Thanks. Oct 26, 1998 - 18:29 - From: - Cara Murray

JOHNSTON/JOHNSON - Searching for family of Nahum (or Naum) JOHNSTON, who appears on the 1787 Personal Property Tax List for Amelia County in 1787. I suspect some connection to families in Caswell County, NC, but need further information about this Johnston with the unusual first name. Does anyone know anything about him or his family? Thanks - J. A. Dresser Oct 29, 1998 - 15:14 - From: - J. A. Dresser

SUDBURY , VADEN, MOORE - Searching for any information about the family of John SUDBURY (Sudberry), born in Amelia County, probably during the Revolution; married Sally Unknown, c. 1800. John was the child of John Sudbury of Henrico County and Martha Vaden, daughter of Lodwick Vaden and Mary Moore. John, jr. and family appeared in Amelia records from about 1800-1825, then moved to Wake County, NC. Would love to know who their children were, marriage record for John and Sally, etc. I would be happy to share ancestry information about John and Martha Sudbury and the descendency information I have been able to find. Oct 29, 1998 - 15:19 - From: - J. A. Dresser

SEAY - Seeking information on James SEAY b abt 1718 in VA died 1755 Amelia Co. VA; marr Lucy LEWIS d abt 1800 Amelia Co. Va. Have information their dtr Anne SEAY was b abt 1733 in Princess Anne Co. VA. She married Benjamin Wilson in 1754 Cumberland Co VA. James may have been son of Abraham and Mary Wilson SEAY. Oct 30, 1998 - 15:15 - From: - Rose M. Spencer

SEAY - LEWIS - Seeking information on James SEAY b abt 1718 in VA died 1755 Amelia Co. VA; marr Lucy LEWIS d abt 1800 Amelia Co. Va. Have information their dtr Anne SEAY was b abt 1733 in Princess Anne Co. VA. She married Benjamin Wilson in 1754 Cumberland Co VA. James may have been son of Abraham and Mary Wilson SEAY. Oct 30, 1998 - 15:16 - From: - Rose M. Spencer

SNEED, SHARPE, WALLACE - My grandmother was Lola Mae Sneed. Her grandfather was Thomas P. Sneed who married Frances Taliaferro. I am not sure of the birthplace of Thomas. His father was said to be Robert Sharpe Sneed II who was born in Amelia County, VA about 1789 and died in Cherokee County, NC. He married Lucy B. Wallace b 1799/1800 NC. Robert Sharpe Sneed I, born 1756 Amelia County VA. His father was William Sneed, b about 1715, died 1790s in Amelia County. I would like to find a definite link between Thomas P. and Robert Sharpe Sneed, and also find where William came from. Thank you for any help. Oct 31, 1998 - 21:35 - From: - Ina May Pummill

FAGG - I have been told that Thomas Fagg died and was buried in Nottaway Parrish, Amelia County in 1785. Do not know any further detail as to church or cemetary. Am looking for any records like wills, marriage bonds or deeds that refer to him or relatives. Any web sites that contain this info. would be appreciated. Many thanks, Errol Fagg Raleigh, NC Nov 1, 1998 - 08:41 - From: - Errol W. Fagg

DAVIS, SNEED/SNEAD - Am researching Sneed Davis, a Rev. War soldier who said he was born in Amelia County, VA 31 Aug 1752. Probable parents are John Davis and Mary Sneed (Snead) Sibs of Snead are: Nicholas, Polly, Macklin, John, Theophilus and Richard. Nov 2, 1998 - 15:05 - From: - Debbie Harrison

HEINZE - Looking for the Gottfried Heinze family. Gottfried born in Germany in 1909. Died in Amelia Court House in the late 1800 or early 1900. Some family was living there in 1910. Other names in the family... Edward son of Gottfried, Otto, son of Edward and Clara, daughter of Otto. Clara was born in Amelia Court House on 4 June, 1908. Any information would be appreciated Nov 4, 1998 - 14:04 - From: - Marilyn Brose

OVERSTREET, WALKER - Seeking information on the parents or relatives of Thomas "the hatter" Overstreet, b. c. 1752, d. 1833 in Mercer County, KY, m. Judith Walker c. 1778, parents of nine sons and one daughter; lived in Bedford County, VA from 1783 to 1793. Sources state that Thomas and Judith owned property on the Otter River in Bedford County; also in Louisa, Amelia and York Counties, VA. Any information on the Overstreet's and/or Walker's would be appreciated. Nov 6, 1998 - 13:29 - From: - Sandy Sims

HUDDLESTON, TANNER, BRANCH, ANDERSON, JOBE - Searching for ancestors of Martha Tanner, who was married to Thomas Huddleston of Amelia Co. VA. Thomas died there in 1823, leaving Martha with 8 children, 3 of whom were minors. She moved to TN, near Henderson. Also searching for ancestors of Thomas. any information appreciated. Nov 6, 1998 - 17:58 - From: - Leslie C. Buchanan Buck/n/

PRUITT'S CREEK - Can someone locate the following Pruitt's Creek in Amelia County. In 1734, Samuel Bentley patented 400 acres in Prince George Co. on SS of the Appomattox River on both sides of Pruitts Creek adj. Joseph Echolls. (adj Fuqua's Plantation on both sides of the creek running on the river) In 1736, William Evans of Caroline County patented 300 acres in Amelia County on Pruits Creek adj. the lines of Wm. Hendrick, Wm. Austin, & Wm. Gates. In 1745, John Bently of patented 200 acres in Amelia County on the heads of Pruits Creek between the lines of Wm Yates, Wm. Evans, Wm. Hendricks, & Wm. Hurt. So, as late as 1745, the creek was still Pruitt's Creek. It may be in the area of a creek called Great Bent Run. It feeds right into the Appomattox River and may be in either Amelia or Prince Edward. Thank you very much. Mary Jane Thomas Stokes Family Researcher looking for Henry H. Thomas, Amelia County during that time. Nov 9, 1998 - 17:18 - From: - Mary Jane Thomas Stokes

BRANCH - I am looking for a Sabray (Susan?) BRANCH. She was born about 1804 in Amelia County. Sabray's father was George Branch born about 1785. Nov 10, 1998 - 12:37 - From: - Donald Richardson

GUILL/GILL/BYRD/RICE - Seeking information on Alexander GILL/GUILL who may have married in Amelia county c. 1750-55 to a Miss BYRD or RICE I have a marriage date for Hannah RICE but it is after the birth of one of Alex's sons! Or could this all be a problem of the dates? There is a guill page up at Nov 12, 1998 - 02:50 - From: - Kenneth B. Guill

JENNINGS - Dickerson JENNINGS married Frances BAGLEY on March 24, 1768, in Amelia County. They had about nine children. The first child, probably, was Elizabeth (Betsy) JENNINGS, who is my ancestor. Looking for birth date and place for Elizabeth JENNINGS. Elizabeth JENNINGS went on to marry Peter STERN on January 3, 1791, in Charlotte County. Nov 12, 1998 - 23:42 - From: - Charles Bunnell

HENDRICK - Searching for Benjamin Hendrick's and Hans Hendrick's Jr. parents. They are thought to be Hance/Hans Hendrick and wife Jane. The first record of Hans Hendrick and wife Jane is a patent dated April 25, 1701, by which he recieved land in King & Queen County, Virginia. Benjamin died in Amelia county, VA. in 1777, he suposedly was born about 1706 (undocumented). Benjamin was married to a Leah (Hurt?) and had (3) sons Bernard, Nathaniel, and James. Hans Hendrick Jr. was born in King Wm. County, VA. and died in 1773 and supposedly was the brother of Benjamin Hendrick. I am trying to find if Hance/Hans Hendrick & Jane were definetly their parents. Nov 17, 1998 - 21:49 - From: - Joe D. Hendrick(s)

JONES, MORGAN - I am looking for information on Richard Jones and Polly (Morgan) Jones. Parents of James Edward, Henry Allen and Nora Crea. I know of three of Richards' siblings Martha, Hennesen and Jim Jones. I have only found Polly's brother name Thomas Morgan but there are others. All were born and died in Amelia County Nov 19, 1998 - 12:45 - From: - Dennis Moulden

JONES, JEFFERSON - Seeking info on Elizabeth JONES, (parents, siblings, date of birth), etc., who married Daniel JEFFERSON, Amelia County, VA, May 01, 1794. Daniel was born abt. 1772 Middlesex Co., VA 1810 Census, Surry Co, NC Daniel JEFFERSON, Males 1-10/16; 1-26/45'; Females 3-0/10; 1-26/45 This would mean Daniel & Elizabeth b. bet. 1765 and 1784, a son bet. 1794 and 1800 and 3 daus. between 1800-1810 Guessing: wed abt. 1799 son born early 1800, then three girls, born 1803-1805-1808 1830 Census Index: Surry County, NC p. 3427, p. source 084 Rhio Gillis Nov 20, 1998 - 03:46 - From: - Rhio GILLIS

RICHARDSON, HULL, ANDERSON, HULME, GREEN, HUBBARD, MORRIS, FOWLKES, HILL - RICHARDSON, HULL, ANDERSON, HULME, GREEN, HUBBARD, HILL, FOWLKES Seeking for info. abt.: Reuler RICHARDSON b. c1740 d. 1807 Nottoway Co. Va. md. (1) Martha Hull ch: 1. Nancy Richardson md. Charles ANDERSON md. (2) Ann HULME in Amelia Co. Va.1761 ch; 2. William Richardson, md. Rebecca GREEN 3. Elizabeth Richardson md. james HUBBARD 4. Robert Richardson 5. David Richardson md. Priscilla MORRIS 6. John Richardson md. (3) Amey FOWLKES 1789 Nottoway Co. Va. ch: 7. Thomas Richardson md. Martha HILL 8. Jane W. Richardson 9. Anna Richardson 10. Grief Richardson Will be happy to share all info. I have. Nov 21, 1998 - 10:28 - From: - Anne M. Coady

SEAY, HATCHETT, WILSON, LEWIS, WINGO - I am looking for any information on James Seay, Sr. b. abt 1690, m. Pheoba unk, children: Jesse b. 1717; Gideon b. 1720 m. Lydia Hatchett; Mary Anne b. 1724 m. Benjamin Wilson; James Jr. b. 1725 m. Lucy Lewis. Some of the children of James Jr. married children of John W. Wingo Nov 21, 1998 - 15:33 - From: - Vi McAllister

POLLARD, WILLIAMS - Hi-- I am searching for the parents and siblings of CALEB D. POLLARD who was born in Amelia Co., Va on 24 Feb 1792. He married OLIVE KING WILLIAMS on 9 Nov 1825 in Nottoway Co., Va. They lived in Nottoway Co. and had five sons and five daughters. Four son fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. After the War two sons, George James Pollard and Richard C. Pollard moves to Kentucky to live. I would appreciate hearing from any one who know of the parents of Caleb D. Pollard.--Reg Vassar Nov 22, 1998 - 17:04 - From: - REGINALD L. VASSAR

SMITH, WHITWORTH, TOWNES, BOOKER - Looking for information on Robert SMITH and Mary WHITWORTH whose son Joseph SMITH married Judith TOWNES, daughter of James TOWNES jr. and Rachel Marot BOOKER, in Amelia Co. in 1810. They later moved to Sumner Co. TN. and raised a large family. Nov 22, 1998 - 17:10 - From: - Aneita Mitchell Allen

WILLIAMS, GUNN, Pollard - Hi-- I am searching for the parents and siblings of James WILLIAMS b.- 1756, d.- ca. 1824, m.- 24 Nov 1785 JEMIMA GUNN. He was Captain in REV. WAR. Lived in Nottoway Co, Va. Their Children were ROBERT C. WILLIAMS, MARY S. WILLIAMS, JEMIMA G. WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH J. WILLIAMS, and OLIVE KING WILLIAMS. He built the center section of the SCHWARTZ's Tavern. an historical building in Blackstone, Va. Would appreciate hearing from any one who has seen this name in their search of Amelia Co. records.--Reg Vassar Nov 22, 1998 - 17:17 - From: - REGINALD L. VASSAR

JEFFERSON - Seeking info on JEFFERSON line in VA (incl. Amelia Co) that moved to N C. My gd father was Joseph Saul JEFFERSON: born 31 May 1849,(reportedly) Harnett Co.; Died 19 aug1923, GA; Married Frances Bailey,about 1879, Williamsburg Co,SC. His father was Thomas JEFFERSON: born abt. 1815;died aft.1863,N C; married Matilda - abt 1849. When Thomas died his family moved to Pitt Co, N C where they joined his brother, William JEFFERSON. Oral hist. is there was a 3rd brother. All in terpintine business. I have complete info forward - do you have info back? Nov 24, 1998 - 02:06 - From: - Robert Mathias

BLANTON - Looking for information on Joshua Blanton who lived in Amelia County in the mid and late 1700's. He was a member of the Briery Church and shows up in various census reports. His son Joshua was born in 1760 in Prince Edward County. Any information would be of interest. Nov 24, 1998 - 13:15 - From: - A. Clarke Blanton

TANNER/SOUTHALL - I am looking for information on Henry Holeman Southall and Nancy Tanner. They were married 27 Aug, 1795 in Amelia County. Nancy is the daughter of Field Tanner and Blanch ?. Dec 2, 1998 - 20:45 - From: - Lynn Fuller elfelm@aol

CLARDY, HALL, CUNNINGHAM - Looking to exchange data on the William HALL and Margaret CUNNINGHAM and their daughter Sarah HALL that married James C. CLARDY who born in Amelia Co, VA in 1758 son of Michael CLARDY born about 1733 in VA, he married Judith ???? before 1757 probably in Amelia Co, Va. Always happy to exchange info.......Thank you......pj Dec 4, 1998 - 22:54 - From: - Paula (pj)Howard Thompson

BARDEN - I want to join the UDC and need information about Pascal Townes Barden. Family records indicate that he was born June 10, 1826 and served the Confederacy with the PAINVILLE RIFLE COMPANY A 14 VA INFANTRY. He enlisted on April 22, 1861 and served the entire war. He was captured April 1, 1865 at Five Forks, sent to Point Lookout MD. and released June 23, 1865. The National Archives has no records to verify my info. Can someone help me verify this info so that I can satisfy the requirements of the UDC? Thank you. Dec 6, 1998 - 18:53 - From: - Dawn Coleman Holliday

JOHNSON - Seeking information on Sylvanus (Sill) Johnson b. 1700-12 in Lancaster,Va.He moved to Amelia County, Va. about 1740. He married Elizabeth (Carroll-Carrell). They had the following children: William, Richard, Henry and Sill Jr. He own land by Snail Creek, about 1754-55 he moved to N.C. Dec 6, 1998 - 19:53 - From: - Norman Johnson

BAIRD CASSELS - Would appreciate any information on James BAIRD whose tax was paid by William CASSELS as shown in the 1787 Amelia County, VA personal property tax. Dec 10, 1998 - 13:06 - From: - Bruce Baird

WILSON - Trying to find any information on the following two gentlemen: Capt. Daniel Wilson listed in the 1782 Amelia Co. Census and Daniel Wilson listed on the 1785 Amelia Co, Census. Using process of elimination to locate father of siblings: Benjamin Wilson dob 1788 VA.--John F. Wilson dob 1791 VA--Alexander Wilson dob 1795 VA--Frances Wilson dob 1799 VA--Hedgeman Wilson dob 1802 VA. Dec 11, 1998 - 22:17 - From: - Allen Wilson

JOHNSON - Looking for any info on Sylvanus Johnson, Amelia Co VA early 1700..... Possible ancestor of Pres. Andrew Johnson. Any info will be greatfully appreciated. Becky Arrington Dec 11, 1998 - 23:39 - From: - Rebecca Arrington

GREEN, MARSTON - Amelia Co.: Does anyone know where the original manuscript compiled by Gen. Green CLAY in ca. 1820 about the GREEN and MARSTON ancestry is located? Many sources cite this manuscript but not its whereabouts. I have been to the Filson Club in Ky. some years ago and it is not there and the various papers there do not say where it was seen. Dec 14, 1998 - 01:30 - From: - K.E. Harbury

HUTCHINSON, HUTCHINSON, PILKINGTON - I am looking for my wife's ancestors - the Hutchinson family, (or Hutcherson, as given on many documents). My wife's family moved to Marion District, South Carolina around 1789. Arthur Hutcherson was my wife's GGGGgrandfather, and he was listed on the 1790 Census in Marion District with Aaron Hutcheson, whom I believe may have been Arthur's brother. I belive Arthur was born circa 1770, and according to the family bible he died in 1835. Arthur Hutcherson married to Huldah Pilkington, who was the daughter of Drura Pilkington. Drura Pilkington was born on April 3, 1762 in Amelia Co., Virginia, and left Amelia County in 1789 to go to Marion District, SC. I also found a record for a Drura Hutcherson who was born on January 1, 1745 in Amelia Co., VA, who moved in 1788 to Spartansburg District, SC in 1788. Was Drura Hutcherson related to Arthur and Aaron Hutcherson? Does anyone have a listing for an Arthur Hutcherson/Hutchinson? The family spelled the surname Hutcherson in the old family bible, but has since spelled the name Hutchinson. The Hutchinsons have always been tobacco farmers (large plantation owners) in South Carolina, so I assume they were also tobacco farmers in Amelia Co. This family married into the Pilkington family, the Hatchell family, the Hewitt family, the Bethea family, and the Thompson family in South Carolina, and I believe that these may have been other Amelia County families that migrated to South Carolina with them. I appreciate anyone's help, as I am new to Amelia Co. genealogy . Zane D. Perry Dec 16, 1998 - 16:22 - From: - Zane D. Perry

HOOD - I would like info on the family of John Hood. His parents are believed to be Thomas and Jane Hood also of Raleigh Parish- Amelia County, Va. I am a descendant of his son William Hood, Jr. according to info that has been found. William had a son named Jesse Hood born 1790 in Virginia. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Dec 23, 1998 - 14:37 - From: - Angela Bush

PALMER - Seeking info. on JOSHUA PALMER b: 3/21/1746/47 in Amelia Co. VA D: 12/5/1835 in SC married Ruth. Faye Dec 23, 1998 - 18:12 - From: - Faye Rouse

COOK, BLAKELY - Looking for information on Elisha COOK who married Margaret BLAKELY. They left Virginia in the early 1800s. They had at least two sons before leaving Virginia--Elisha, Jr. and Berryman. Dec 29, 1998 - 17:56 - From: - Judy Dudley