Researching ESTES and Brock. Barbara Brock, wife of Abraham Estes was the daughter of John Brock, probably of Scotland. Information I have is relative to Abraham's will: Abraham Estes left his estate to his wife Barbara. Names of children listed in will left by Barbara and proved in Amelia County, Nov 1769. The children listed are: Elisha, Sussana Poore, Moses, Barbara, Sylvistas, Thomas, Robert, Richard and John, Mary Watkins and Sarah. Not mentioned are Abraham, Jr. and Samuel Estes, also believed to be children of Abraham Estes. (Amelia File Box 1784-5 which was in Virginia State Library). Estes Trails, August 1981, page 1. Any information about any of these will be appreciated. I will also share.
Jan 30, 1999 - 13:08 - From: - Rev. Hilton C. Estes