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The Last Will & Testament of Abner Bates. The will was written 20 August 1788 and proven 26 February 1789. Abner was a resident of Nottoway Parish in Amelia county, Virginia. Bequests were left to his wife Susannah Bates, son William Bates, son David Bates, daughter Sarah Tye, daughter Elizabeth Bates, daughter Ann Bates, sister, Mary Bates, Charles Drinkwater (his wife Susannah's son) & to Susannah's two eldest daughters. He named as executors his sons William and David, and his friend William Hood. Witnesses were Edward Jackson, Jesse Hood, Frederick Hood, William Hood

Source: Amelia County, Virginia Will Book 4, page 127
Submitter: Juli Morgan who notes: David Bates, son of Abner, married executor of Abner's will William Hood's daughter, Susannah Hood, in Lunenburg County. Susannah Hood Bates had a brother, also named William. (William Hood III, to be exact.) William III's son, John Robert Hood, married Rebecca Bates, d/o David Bates & Susannah Hood Bates. The brothers and sisters of John Robert & Rebecca also intermarried extensively in Lunenburg County. John Robert & Rebecca left Virginia sometime between 1823 & 1840, eventually settling in northwest Alabama.