Submitted by: Steve Light, PO Box 428, Haslett, MI 48840

Source: Amelia microfilm reel #55, Library of Virginia, 1736-1771, taken by Abraham Green

This is roughly the southern 2/3 of Amelia County. Prior to about 1735, this area was part of Prince George County. In other words, these individuals were residents of Prince George County the year before Amelia was carved out of Prince George.

Anderson, Thomas Crawley, Wiliam Munns, Robert
Batte, William Cuzens, John Neal, William
Bevel, Daniel Cuzens, Peter Nobles, Joseph
Bevel, Thomas Dandy, William Parish, William
Bolling, Colonel Davis, Robt Potter, Thomas
Bolling, Widow Dennis, Richard Powell, John
Broadway, James Evans, John Reams, Thomas
Broadway, Thomas Jr Evans, Robt Roberds, Christopher
Burges, Benjamin Fannon, Brian Scott, Frances
Chambers, Richard Fletcher, Richard Shannon, William
Chapple, John Gam?, William Sheperd, Isaack
Childress, ? Gamlen, William Stoe, John
Childress, ? Gates, William Talley, Henery
Childs, Walter Gilliam, John Talley, John Sr
Chiswell, Uriah Green, Abraham Talley, Lodowick
Clay, Charles Hastings, John Talley, Richard
Clay, James Henderson, Elexandor Talley, William
Cock, Abraham Hudson, Christopher Tally, John Jr
Cole, ? Hudson, William Traylor, William
Coleman, Henery Jones, Abraham Tucker, Francis
Coleman, Joseph Laws, William Tucker, George
Coleman, Joseph Lees, Artour Tucker, John
Coleman, Robert Leton, Hugh Tucker, Robert Jr
Coleman, William Sr Light, John Jr Tucker, Robert Sr
Coleman, William Jr Mann, Robert Tucker, William
Colman, Henery Mann, Robert West, Robert
Cordle, John Morgan, Samuel Westbrook, Charles
Couzens, Robert Mumford, James Westbrook, William