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Submitted by: Mildred and Irvin Flinn

Mrs. Newman is MARTHA NEWMAN, wife of W. J. Newman

John Madison Flynn should be JAMES MADISON FLINN, born 17 November 1829, died 23 March 1902

Margaret Jones Flynn should be MARGARET GRAVES FLINN, born circa 1829, died 15 June 1897

JOHN JAMES FLINN, born 5 February 1850, died 13 October 1935

ROSA PURYEAR FLINN, born 2 February 1859, died 28 January 1941

ROSA LEE FLINN, born 11 May 1895, died 29 December 1934

RUFUS GODWIN FLINN, born 27 June 1885, died 20 February 1908

LUCY ANN FLINN, born 14 May 1888, died 24 March 1901